Monday, August 30, 2010


Keeping up with this new found blogging policy...

I was on my way to Walmart today. Heading up 2 mile hill, the dreaded check engine light came on. For those who don't know, I've had all kinds of issues with the alternator. Got a new one about a year ago. And then another one a couple months ago. Maybe it has something to do with Autozone selling defective shit. I do not know. But I have heard multiple complaints regarding that company selling rebuilt alternators.

Anyway, I cut the power to everything and made it up and back ok. I took Rt. 40 just to be on the safe side. That engine light gives me a panic attack. Most people seem to fear death, a terrorist attack, plane crash... I think the only thing I actively fear is that God-damn engine light. It's like one of the biblical plagues - frogs, blood, locusts, engine light... I'll have Jake look at it again tonight. Pray for the Outback.

I did get a splint for my finger. It's relatively comfortable. According to my physician and occupational hand therapist (their names are Google and ehow), I have a condition known as Mallet finger. Basically the tip of my middle finger on my left hand is bending inward. There's really not a lot of pain or swelling, but I definitely fucked it up. It says you're supposed to wear the splint for 4 weeks. Should be fun. It's snug but not overly tight. I'm not looking forward to this. Fortunately I can still type.

But aside from the car and finger, here's some good news. The female cashier never charged me for a 30 pack of Milwaukee's Best Light and a case of Nestle water. She asked me how my day was going and I replied not well. I told her about my finger and the check engine light. As I was lamenting about my trials and tribulations, I think it must have distracted her because she never scanned the stuff in the cart. I did preface that despite my current anxiety, things weren't really that bad. I mean... you could live be living in flooded Pakistan, watched your home get swept away and just get diagnosed with malaria. I honestly think that's a good perspective to have. As I left Walmart I wondered if the dinging bell would sound. Fortunately, it didn't. So I made off with about $16.50 in free beer and water. I just casually glanced and nodded at the old Walmart greeter guy. I think he mumbled "thank you."


Larry said...

I've been driving around with the emissions malfunction light on in my Civic. I took it to a mechanic and he couldn't find a problem. It's still annoying.

Anonymous said...

My friend Jake hooked up one of those hand held diagnostic devices and it turns out that it's just an oxygen sensor issue because of a hole in the muffler. Nothing to be concerned about. My advice - take a small piece of black electrical tape and cover it. Problem solved. SAF

Anonymous said...

I once had a Heather Gates Mallet finger.

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