Saturday, August 14, 2010

low-tech aerial drones

Here's an amusing and well edited video of a low-tech aerial drone. It's definitely worth checking out...

Amusing??? Of course. But does anyone see the potential for absolute chaos? How long will it be until some politician or third world dictator is giving a speech and one of these things comes flying in with an IED or pseudo-grenade strapped to it. I'm sure the Secret Service is prepared for something like this? I'm not even remotely an expert, but I know they have all kinds of sophisticated radio frequency jamming equipment. But what about Senators and members of the House. They often make pep rally speeches at crowded county fairs.

Think about less treacherous applications. Such a stunt would be the perfect premise for my "" website. Can you even remotely fathom the nonstop mainstream media coverage? What if Newt Gingrich is giving a presidential stump speech and this mini-airplane thing comes flying in with a banner that reads "I cheated on my wife" - POWWWW! Now you saw that golfer in the video. What if you use my scenario on Tiger Woods at a PGA event? Hell, you can stash this shit in a cooler. What if an NFL kicker is trying to win the game in the final seconds and you direct one at his feet at the end of the game. Seriously, I could write a book with the endless possibilities for system disruptions. I like the banner idea the most, probably because of my obsession with using MESSAGE as a tool of warfare and means of change. All of a sudden you don't need to spend $10,000 for the private Cessna guy flying high in the sky.

But 4th generation warfare... I suppose that's how my mind works. Always looking for the most nefarious outcome or sinister plot. But seriously, how soon will it be until Lindsay Lohan or some other drugged-out celebrity is walking out of rehab and one of these remote controlled drones hits her in the head. Doink! That would leave quite a bruise right before her stroll down the red carpet. I think the initial targets will be celebrities or despised CEO's (doesn't BP's ex-CEO Tony Hayward come to mind or whoever the "scumbag" of the month is). But how far into our future will these aerial devices be used for carrying out individual DECENTRALIZED attacks. This technology is available all over the planet. Any kid can operate one of these things. It hardly require years of tests and training.

And this shit is absurdly cheap technology. For less than $1,000 you can make get your instant 15 minutes of fame. And it certainly sets the precedent for future misdemeanor assaults. What if someone equips one of these hovercraft gismos with biological or chemical weapons? That might sound a bit sci-fi conspiratorial, but seriously, what about a simple tranquilizer dart filled with who knows what. Kind of like a poor man's drone.

Seems to me like it's the next logical step in 4th generation warfare - where individuals exert greater personal influence and take greater control of the battlefield. All those expenditures on allegiance, indoctrination and chain of command. Kind of outdated in this day and age, don't you think? The Abu Gharaib torture scandal comes to mind, and for the love of Allah, that message exposure was largely unintentional. We've already seen it in Iraq and Afghanistan. Hell, they've already adapted and constructed stripped down versions of IED's which don't require any remote controlled technology. This sounds like it would be right up there alley. I wonder if we're entering an era where a wholesale store in the U.S. could be convicted of treasonous activity for shipping these things to Baghdad. That is how our lumbering government functions. Go after the individual rather than willingly accept the precedent. Kind of reminds me of the archaic music industry going after evil-downloaders. Same thing is true with Wikileaks. The fucking cat's already out of the bag. If you squash or imprison the Wikileaks CEO, another man or woman will step up. It's odd how institutions have so much difficulty accepting precedent.

And for the record, the Wikileaks CEO Julian Assange (I think that's his name) is a worldwide hero. Make no mistake whatsoever, he has quickly established precedent and ushered in a new era. While our government makes inane attempts to control the message - THIS GUY IS THE FUCKING MESSAGE. No wonder our military apparatus hates this guy. He has come along out of nowhere and exposed the generational warfare gap of our ENTIRE defense department. OUCH! Regardless of whether or not lives are put in danger, as long as the material is TRUTHFUL, he'll ALWAYS win. How does our government and military respond and react? The answer is simple... it cannot. Well wait a minute, they can most certainly respond. With billions upon billions of dollars as this guy hits the "enter" button on a laptop. Whose side do you think will win?

This post really reflects the entire decentralization movement that is rapidly overtaking society at large. I always "drone" (weak pun) on and on about the inevitability of decentralization. When the Social Security, the food stamps and the government assistance stops flooding in or trends intermittent, where will people look for help? The answer is obvious - your neighbors, your churches, your gangs, your community centers, your co-ops, your friends... Life in those big city, massive apartment complexes could get interesting. I'd like to see a group of 500 people revolt against a high-rise landowner. One owner against 500 renters. Who do you think will win that confrontation? Now I'm just rambling. I'm going running.

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My oldest son (almost 15) read this blog and posted your link on his Facebook. He likes the way you think. *smiley face* DBV