Saturday, June 07, 2008

dream in AZ about MN

I made it to Phoenix late yesterday. Very bumpy flight over the midwest. I guess there was some really bad weather, thus a good straight hour of turbulence. Made it impossible to sleep even though I've been running on empty for the past week. Anyway, all is well. Folks are good. My niece Amy broke her wrist but seemed to be handling it well.
However, I had another strange dream last night. I dreamt that I was an engineer overseeing a vast network of bridges and underground trains for the city of Minneapolis. I would have to assume that the city of Minneapolis somehow relates to my brother's wife Lynn (that's where she's from). Anyway, there's about a dozen peope in a board room and I unveil a futuristic plan for the transportation infrastructure of the city. There's a bunch of ooohs and ahhhs when I unveil the main sketch. Basically, there is a network of bridges that resemble the top of Mellon Arena. I'd say about 16 bridges or so that all lead to the top of the city. They all interconnect at the top dead-center location above the heart of the city. But there's nothing at the top. Beneath the city is about half the amount of trains (probably 8) which also interconnect beneath the city. These train routes lack the curvature of the bridges - much more straight and direct. And that's pretty much how it ends - just me unveiling some kind of futuristic plan to a city council.
I would have to assume that all this relates to me seeing my brother's wife Amy. Perhaps it's about the paths our family has taken and how they all merge back to a common location. The strange thing is that nothing much happens in the dream - only the symbolic imagery of the paths of bridges and trains, up above and down below. My other dreams have had very specific imagery and events. This one seemed more generalized. Maybe it has something to do with establishing boundaries, personal directions and familial pathways through life. At least that's my guess.