Friday, February 02, 2018

Rick Saccone Rally - Bethel Park, 2-2-18

Well, I took my stampede propaganda to a Rick Saccone/Mike Pence rally at the Bethel Park Community Center.  Aside from the bitter cold, it was a predictably saccharin experience.  Lots of strange young sychophants, in dark suits and bright red #MAGA ball caps.  This look is even worse than the Def Leppard mom jeans phenomenon.  It's just something about well-dressed, dapper, militant bozos. 

I never made it into the venue.  But I did manage to distribute a decent number of flyers before an overbearing cop informed me that I wasn't allowed to hand out my shit.  Just for the record, I obeyed his unlawful command without the airing of grievances.  He seemed exceptionally uptight.  Must be the big Pens/Caps game tonight.  My hunch is that the Secret Service rarely frequents the Bethel Park-Castle Shannon area.

Anyway, here's a copy of the flyer.  Just in case President Dumbshit decides to tweet during the Super Bowl this Sunday.  It's far more diplomatic than my usual blatherings.   The Repub reactions were fairly typical.  For the few who attempted to read it, most got very upset, a few... enraged.  Who would have thought that outdated emergency evacuation protocol was such a hot-button issue?


Vice President Mike Pence:

Please tell Donald Trump that he is NOT allowed to tweet a Super Bowl evacuation order.

On Sunday, October 8, 2017, immediately following the national anthem at an NFL game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Indianapolis Colts, Donald Trump essentially "evacuated" the Vice President and his wife from Lucas Oil Stadium.  Trump and Pence were enraged that players would take a knee during the national anthem.  Afterward, both admitted the walkout was a staged event designed to showcase their patriotism.

Trump's longstanding twitter feud with Roger Goodell, Colin Kaepernick and the entire NFL has been well documented.  I'm extremely concerned that at some point during the course of the 5+ hour Super Bowl, Donald Trump might witness something which upsets him.

1.  It could be Grammy award winning artist Pink taking a knee during the national anthem.

2.  It could be performer Justin Timberlake spewing anti-Republican commentary during the half-time show.

3.  It could be one of the players throwing a "Make America Great Again" hat to the ground and stomping on it.

  It could be one of the near 70,000 fans holding a derogatory sign.

  It could be unsettling content during any of the commercials.

It could basically be anything.  The possibilities are seemingly infinite.  The Super Bowl offers unprecedented exposure.  It's an incredible opportunity to make a well-timed, weaponized political statement in front of a worldwide audience.

If, and yes I realize this is a hypothetical scenario... but IF Donald Trump were to witness something he deems personally offensive, history has demonstrated, time and time again, that he will instinctively and impetuously take to twitter.

My overriding concern is that Trump might tweet a specific request, encouraging fans to demonstrate their love for country and flag, by leaving their seats and temporarily exiting to the concourses.  

This would be a direct violation of both federal and state law.  It would violate the existing standards which govern emergency evacuation protocol at U.S. Bank Stadium.  Although he is the Commander-in-Chief, Donald Trump does NOT have the authority to issue a temporary evacuation order via twitter.  Only the stadium incident commander has the authority and ability to execute a stadium evacuation.  If such an action was deemed absolutely necessary, the venue would utilize the public address system in tandem with the video monitors to present a clear, unified, all-encompassing directive.

If, and yes, once again, I realize this is a hypothetical... but IF Donald Trump issued a Super Bowl evacuation order via twitter, the result would likely be inexplicable confusion.  It could conceivably spark a panic resulting in a human stampede.  This is neither complex nor conspiratorial.  It's merely the modern, technological equivalent of shouting FIRE in a crowded theater. 

So in the interest of cyber-security and public safety... I again make the following straightforward request.

Vice President Mike Pence:

Please tell Donald Trump that he is NOT allowed to tweet a Super Bowl evacuation order. (Artificially Generated Stampede Awareness Foundation)


Just don't say I didn't warn ya!

Super Bowl predictions:

Philadelphia Eagles  24
New England Patriots  20

A stampede-free event.
MVP --- Zach Ertz w/ 2 touchdowns and 108 receiving yards.  It's the feel good story of the year.
Justin Timberlake pulls off the coveted "reverse-nipple."  Not quite sure what this would entail.  But  hey, he paid big bucks for the privilege of playing at the big game.
Pink:  Not sure.  I think she might pull off a stunt of her own during the national anthem.