Monday, June 27, 2011

many have inquired...

Many people have asked me, "Saf, what's up? Why haven't you posted any profound tales or disturbing observations in the past couple months?"

Answer - I've been writing a book. My goal is to submit the entire thing for copyright on August 1, 2011. On the same date, I'll publish the entire thing as one sole blog entry. The book consists of 10 chapters in which I discuss my opinions on a variety of topics (Art, Labor, Leisure, Music, People, Politics, Sports, Religion and a "brochure" of misguided self-promotion). The 9th chapter deals with a potential imminent threat to the national security of the Unites States - a prognostication of epic proportions which has fundamentally shaped the way I perceive government, private industry, humanity and the future of warfare.

After the dust settles, I'll get back to writing about the usual crap - Maury Povich, bad restaurants and a few concert reviews. Until then, be well and enjoy the summer. SAF