Sunday, April 21, 2024

#2529. Kari Lake

A few days ago, Kari Lake desperately tried to soften her draconian abortion stance.  

Lake... in the jovial shadow of the Orange Prolapse. (evidence that all life is NOT precious)

But then immediately realized her "abortion-is-murder" donors were gonna ditch her like a discarded fetus in a back alley Planned Parenthood dumpster.


So now she's doubling down.  Even proposing a "Miscarriage Police Task Force."  You know, 'cause every embryo is a human being.  She calls it the "Kari Lake Miscarriage Mistake" law.  Has a nice ring to it, eh?  Investigations will be conducted.  And if necessary, "punishment" will be meted out for young girls who jump on trampolines while pregnant, engage in dangerous 3rd trimester sexual intercourse, consume alcohol, smoke cigarettes etc.  Sounds promising. 

So let's give that "Mistake by the Lake" a very rare anti-Stillers trifecta Trump Dump.


Market Square never looked so shitty!  Note the fashionable yellow toothpicks and equilateral panache.  Now THAT... is some disarming HOT SHIT!

I realize that football is not baseball.  Butt this is a bad omen for the Buccos who currently trail the Red Sox 5-1 in the 7th.  

We didn't hit up the game.  Mason was exhausted

So's the cat.



Kari Lake

...and the the whore is from
...and the the whore is from

The Arizona desert
The news is faked full of lies
Fucking the voters she is Kari Lake
Sucking on pubic hair dyes

Kari Lake

On golden toilet Trump shitted
Butt MAGA is always red
McDonald’s pink slime and Kari Lake
McDonald’s pink slime instead

Kari Lake

...and the the whore is from
...and the the whore is from

Covid-19 was a virus
Killing so many lives
Fake AZ bitch fuckin’ Kari Lake
Fake AZ bitch a disguise

Kari Lake [x4]


Yellow Cake

...and the war goes on
...and the war goes on

There's no crisis of conscience
The truth is dressed in disguise
Feeding the hungry with Yellow Cake
Feeding the public with lies

Yellow Cake

No crimes were ever committed
No charges were ever read
Cooking the books on the Yellow Cake
Cooking a meal for the dead

Yellow Cake

...and the war goes on
...and the war goes on

This is no time for the righteous
Only the wicked survive
Bake up a batch of the Yellow Cake
Bake up a batch of the lies

Yellow Cake [x4]


From 1988 to 2022, Ministry has ministered the Burgh a grand total of 7 times.  Never seen 'em.

I should really put together a Kari Lake compilation.  I've probably written about 20 or so.  Butt seriously, who's counting?

The Big Lie 100: (#1663)

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#2264.  The Tower Of Trump (The Power Of Love --- Huey Lewis & The News)

#2265.  Good Times (Good Times --- Jim Gilstrap, Blinky Williams and a gospel choir)

#2266.  Laptop From Hell (Highway To Hell --- AC/DC)

#2267.  Colby Covington (You Are Number One --- The Whispers)

#2268.  If Bob Good (If I Could --- Phish)

#2269.  Moreno (Tornado --- Garbage)

#2270.  Cum Coney Barrett (Come Holy Spirit --- Planetshakers)

#2271.  Coney Barrett Cum (Holy Spirit Come --- Hillsong UNITED)

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#2289.  The Real Chip Roy (The Real McCoy --- George Jones)

#2290.  Trumped (Stumped --- Minor Threat)

#2291.  Kari Lake (Coffee Break --- Tony Bennett)

#2292.  Vincent K. Fong (I Might Be Wrong --- Radiohead)

#2293.  Vincent K. Fong (Don't Get Me Wrong --- The Pretenders)

#2294.  Taylor Greene (Halloween --- King Diamond)

#2295.  Kenneth Paxton (I'm Your Captain --- Grand Fuck Railroad)

#2296.  Kushner Is A Jew (All I Wanna Do --- Sheryl Crow)

#2297.  Boebert (T-Shirt --- Foo Fighters)

#2298.  Fong! (Wrong! --- The Mountain Goats)

#2299.  David Tepper (High Ball Stepper --- Jack White)

#2300.  David Tepper Ain't Much Of A Man (Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band --- The Beatles)

#2301.  Vince Fong (Love Song --- The Cure) 

#2302.  Mar-a-Lago Piece Of Shit (American Idiot --- Green Day)

#2303.  American Hate (It's Gonna Be Great --- McCormick Spices commercial)

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#2305.  Emmer Feud (Interlude --- The Killers)

#2306.  The Donald Ain't White: An Orange Masquerade (The Future's So Bright: I Gotta Wear Those Shades --- Timbuk 3)

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#2312.  MAGA Johnson (Mrs. Johnson --- Toto)

#2313.  Boeing Joke (Blowing Smoke --- Taylor Ray Holbrook feat. DJ KO)

#2314.  Boeing Had A Door That Was Bad (Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad --- Grateful Dead)

#2315.  Craig Riedel Lies (The Needle Lies --- Queensryche) 

#2316.  Austin's Cancer (Private Dancer --- Tina Turner)

#2317.  Pink Hat Lady (Green Eyed Lady --- Sugarloaf)

#2318.  Pink Hatted Lady (Three Times A Lady --- Lionel Richie)

#2319.  Steve Doocy (Loose Lucy --- Grateful Dead)

#2320.  Nancy Mace (In My Place --- Coldplay)

#2321.  Nancy Mace (A Warm Place --- Nine Inch Nails)

#2322.  John Barrasso (She's A Rainbow --- Rolling Stones)

#2323.  Babbitt's Whiter (Rabbit Fighter --- T. Rex)

#2324.  Nancy Ruth Mace (Amazing Grace --- Chris Tomlin)

#2325.  Nancy Mace (Basket Case --- Green Day)

#2326.  God Made Donald Trump For You (God Gave Rock and Roll To You --- Kiss)

#2327.  Jeffrey Landry (Dirty Laundry --- Don Henley)

#2328.  Nancy Mace (Outer Space --- Red Hot Chili Peppers)

#2329.  Risch (Wish --- Nine Inch Nails)

#2330.  Vivekkk (Redneckkk --- Corrosion of Conformity)

#2331.  Donald Shit Show (Cold Rain & Snow --- Grateful Dead)

#2332.  Vivek Shitshow (Redneck Freakshow --- Saliva)

#2333.  Donald Trump's A Very Shitty Christian (Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas --- Frank Sinatra)

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#2340.  Friendly Crudite (Send Me On My Way --- Rusted Root)

#2341.  Dave McCormick's Toilet Stall (Another Brick In The Wall --- Pink Floyd)

#2342.  The AFC Is Gay (God Bless The U.S.A. --- Lee Greenwood)

#2343.  Chris T. Sununu (Lonely Avenue --- Taj Mahal)

#2344.  Tomasetti (Joshua Tree --- Limbo)

#2345.  Risch Is A Queer (Wish You Were Here --- Pink Floyd)

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#2347.  Humphrey (I'm Free --- The Who)

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#2349.  Birdbrain: Trump Dumbshit (Big Train: From Memphis --- John Fogerty)

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#2353.  Nancy Mace (Human Race --- Three Days Grace)

#2354.  Nancy Mace (Hiding Place --- Don Moen)

#2355.  Foxx Crevasses (Cocks 'n' Asses --- Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds)

#2356.  Navarro (Tomorrow --- Barbra Streisand)

#2357.  Navarro's Wrong (Tomorrow's Song --- Phish)

#2358.  Tomasetti (Joshua Tree --- Carly Rae Jepsen)

#2359.  Vince McMahon (Superman --- R.E.M.)

#2360.  Vince McMahon Fucked Janel Grant (When A Man Loves A Woman --- Michael Bolton)

#2361.  DeWit (Do It --- Neil Diamond)

#2362.  Swift Is A Cunt (Lifted By Love --- k.d. lang)

#2363.  Vince McMahon (Nowhere Man --- The Beatles)

#2364.  Nancy Mace (Off Your Face --- My Bloody Valentine)

#2365.  Shit On Nancy Mace (Grinnin' In Your Face --- Son House)

#2366.  Swift (Lift --- Hillsong UNITED)

#2367.  Congresswoman Beth Van Duyne (Jesus Is On That Main Line --- Aerosmith)

#2368.  James P. Lankford (Off The Record --- My Morning Jacket)

#2369.  Taylor Swift (The Best Gift --- Barbra Streisand)

#2370.  A Swiftie Cunt (A Gift Of Love --- Olivia Newton John w/ Barry Manilow)

#2371.  Not White, The Orange Prolapse Is Fucking You (Tonight, I Celebrate My Love For You --- Roberta Flack & Peabo Bryson)

#2372.  Viktor Orban (Beast Of Burden --- Rolling Stones)

#2373.  Pick Up The Feces (Pick Up the Pieces --- Average White Band)

#2374.  Stormy Romancer (Music Box Dancer --- Frank Mills)

#2375.  Lies (Rise --- Herb Alpert)

#2376.  Ivanka (Cecelia --- Paul Simon)

#2377.  Bitch Mike (Hitch Hike --- Rolling Stones)

#2378.  Mike Johnson (Mike Tyson --- Ginuwine)

#2379.  Nipplegate (Celebrate --- Three Dog Night)

#2380.  Donald Trump Is So Fucked Up (Never Gonna Give You Up --- Rick Astley)

#2381.  'Vanka's A Jew (Into the Groove --- Madonna)

#2382.  Viktor Orban (Wicked Garden --- Stone Temple Pilots)

#2383.  Mike Gill (Free Will --- Rush)

#2384.  Shawn Fein (Airplane --- Rusted Root)

#2385.  Donald's A Cunt (All Out Of Love --- Air Supply)

#2386.  Trump's A Cunt (Burning Up --- Madonna)

#2387.  He's A Piece Of Shit (Give A Little Bit --- Supertramp)

#2388.  Taylor A. Swift (Love Is A Gift --- Olivia Newton-John)

#2389.  Donald Trump's A Clown (You Should Know By Now --- Ratt)

#2390.  Tim Scott (Too Hot --- Kool & The Gang)

#2391.  Gina (Gina --- Blues Traveler)

#2392.  Shithead Lara (Think Of Laura --- Christopher Cross)

#2393.  Tim Sheehy (Honesty --- Billy Joel)

#2394.  Lara (Laura --- Frank Sinatra)

#2395.  She's Congresswoman Nancy Mace (We Gotta Get Out Of This Place --- The Animals)

#2396.  And I Hate Her (And I Love Her --- The Beatles)

#2398.  Donald Trump (Do The Rump --- The Black Keys)

#2399.  Queer Trump It's Raining Men (Here Comes The Rain Again --- The Eurythmics)

#2400.  Donald's A Cunt (Glory Of Love --- Peter Cetera)

#2401.  Conaway (Holiday --- Scorpions)

#2402.  Trumpin' 'n Dumpin' (Humpin' Pumpkin --- Modest Mouse)

#2403.  Michael Bost (Coast To Coast --- Scorpions)

#2404.  Hur's A Cunt (Stir It Up --- Bob Marley)

#2405.  Bost (Ghost --- Pearl Jam)

#2406.  Joe Manchin (Slow Dancin' --- Chaka Kahn & Rick James)

#2407.  Never Surrender Sneakers (Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers --- Primus)

#2408.  Donald's Sneakers (Blow Your Speakers --- Manowar)

#2409.  Donald's Sneakers (Hi-Heel Sneakers --- Rolling Stones)

#2410.  Trump Sneakers (Bad Sneakers --- Steely Dan)

#2411.  #45 (#41 --- Dave Matthews Band)

#2412.  Andy Barr (Movie Star --- Cracker)

#2413.  Andy Barr (Superstar --- The Carpenters)

#2414.  Navarro (Tomorrow --- America)

#2415.  Liz Case (Drumz > Space --- Grateful Dead)

#2416.  A Pair Of Gold Sneakers (A Pair Of Old Sneakers --- George Jones & Tammy Wynette)

#2417.  Trump Activist LaCivita (Don't Cry For Me Argentina --- Madonna)

#2418.  Kerwin (Cold Gin --- Kiss)

#2419.  Rubio (Rodeo --- Motley Crue)

#2420.  Chap Cain (Cocaine --- Eric Clapton)

#2421.  Chap Cain (The Chain --- Fleetwood Mac)

#2422.  Shapiro (My Hero --- Foo Fighters)

#2423.  I.V.F. (S.M.F. --- Twisted Sister)

#2424.  Fucking Cunt (Lotta Love --- Neil Young)

#2425.  Cain (Stain --- Nirvana)

#2426.  Stormy's Big Tits (Stormy Pinkness --- They Might Be Giants)

#2427.  Stormy Bradley (Stormy May Day --- AC/DC)

#2428.  Hickland (Quicksand --- Incubus)

#2429.  Enemy Lies (Ebony Lies --- Bob Welch)

#2430.  Hickland (Quicksand --- A Flock Of Seagulls)

#2431.  Boebert (Love Hurts - Nazareth)

#2432.  Scott Perry (Oh, Sherrie --- Steve Perry)

#2433.  Randy Fine (Frankenstein --- Phish)

#2434.  Rubio (Rodeo --- Joan Osborne)

#2435.  Fine (Shine --- Collective Soul)

#2436.  Trump Is Bad (God Is Good --- Don Moen)

#2437.  Trump's An Infection Of The Yeast (God Bless The Children Of The Beast --- Motley Crue)

#2438.  Trump Fucked America (God Bless America --- Violent Femmes)

#2439.  Trump's A Fraud (Metal Gods --- Judas Priest)

#2440.  Robinson's A Fucking Cunt (Carry On My Wayward Son --- Kansas)

#2441.  Super Tuesday (Ruby Tuesday --- Rolling Stones)

#2442.  Erin Hawley Shithead (Holly Jolly Chirstmas --- Harry Connick Jr.)

#2443.  Boebert (T-Shirt --- Foo Fighters)

#2444.  Trump Sneakers (The Seeker --- The Who)

#2445.  Trump's Bullshit (God's Got It --- Old Crow Medicine Show)

#2446.  Vince Fong (Bird Song --- Grateful Dead)

#2447.  LaLota (Zooropa --- U2)

#2448.  Your Trumper Sneakers (Your Nashville Sneakers)

#2449.  Katie Britt (I Love It --- Icona Pop)

#2450.  Britt Fuck (Shit Luck --- Modest Mouse)

#2451.  U Ain't Shit (Katie Britt --- GWAR)

#2452.  Britt Is White (Hit The Lights --- Metallica)

#2453.  Youngkin (Truckin' --- Grateful Dead)

#2454.  Ralph E. Reed Fuckin' Creep (Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap)

#2455.  Reed (Breed --- Nirvana)

#2456.  Laken (Shakin' --- Eddie Money)

#2457.  Chinatown (Funkytown --- Joe Biden)

#2458.  Donald Lies (Hungry Lies --- Eric Carmen)

#2459.  Classified Documents In A Garage In Chinatown (Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town --- Pearl Jam)

#2460.  Bobb (Slob --- Weezer)

#2461.  Trump's Gonna Blow (God Always Knows --- Beach Boys)

#2462.  Boebert (Pervert --- The Descendants)

#2463.  Moreno (I Don't Know --- Ozzy Osbourne)

#2464.  Reed (Speed --- L.A. Guns)

#2465.  Couy Griffin (Once Bitten --- Peter Tosh)

#2466.  Morrow (Sorrow --- David Bowie)

#2467.  Donald Trump's A Clown (When Love Comes To Town --- U2 & B.B. King)

#2468.  Milley Attacked (Jilly's On Smack --- Primus)

#2469.  Steve Wynn (Locked In --- Judas Priest)

#2470.  Fuckin' Dick Harry Hamm (Electric Uncle Sam --- Primus)

#2471.  Broke Don Fat Ass (Brokedown Palace --- Grateful Dead)

#2472.  Charlie Kirk (Stupid Jerk --- The Angry Samoans)

#2473.  Jared Kushner's A Jew (You Make Me Feel Brand New --- The Stylistics)

#2474.  Mutha Fucka John Eastman (Makisupa Policeman --- Phish)

#2475.  Michelle Morrow (No More Sorrow --- Linkin' Park)

#2476.  Get It Together (Get It Together --- Grand Funk Railroad)

#2477.  Sonny (Money --- Pink Floyd)

#2478.  Frank LaRose (Heaven Knows --- Robert Plant)

#2479.  Nunes (She Says --- Frank Sinatra)

#2480.  Get Get It Togther (Let's Get It Together --- Toots & The Maytals)

#2481.  Kirk (Jerk --- Todd Rundgren)

#2482.  Mar-A-Lago Piece Of Shit (American Idiot --- Green Day)

#2483.  Greene's White (Green Light --- Sonic Youth)

#2484.  Jeff Yass Plan (Big Boss Man --- Grateful Dead)

#2485.  Marjorie Taylor Greene (The Joke And The Queen --- Ed Sheeran w/ Taylor Swift)

#2486.  James Blair (Lord's Prayer --- D-g)

#2487.  Mar-A-Lago (Donald Trump Had A Stormy Affair --- Andy McKenzie)

#2488.  Maddock (Bad Luck --- Social Distortion)

#2489.  Schlapp! (Slap --- Chumbawamba)

#2490.  Matt Schlapp (Mouse Trap --- Ride)

#2491.  marjorie (marjorie --- Taylor Swift)

#2492.  Robert Good (Harry Hood --- Phish) 

#2493.  Taylor Greene (Coming Clean --- Green Day)

#2494.  Mar-A-Lago Creamin' (California Dreamin' --- The Mamas And The Papas)

#2495.  Nicole Shanahan (Portland, Oregon --- Loretta Lynn & Jack White)

#2496.  Robert Hankey (Hanky Panky --- Joan Jett & The Blackhearts)

#2497.  Don Bacon's Shit (Awakening --- Judas Priest)

#2498.  Blevins A Liar (Heaven's On Fire --- Kiss)

#2499.  Cunt, Cunt, Cunt (Fun, Fun, Fun --- Beach Boys)

#2500.  Orange Prolapse (Photograph --- Nickelback)

#2501.  Wes Moss (The Boss --- James Brown)

#2502.  Greene's A Total Shit Show (Queen Of The Rodeo --- Alice In Chains)

#2503.  Brad Knott (Red Hot --- Motley Crue)

#2504.  Gavin Wax (House Of Wax --- Paul McCartney)

#2505.  Harry's Kosher Hamm (Worthy Is the Lamb --- Hillsong UNITED)

#2506.  Gavin Wax (Battle Axe --- Deftones)

#2507.  Lindsey (Mindy --- Barry Manilow)

#2508.  Harry Had A Kosher Hamm (Mary Had A Little Lamb --- Stevie Ray Vaughn)

#2509.  Arizona (My Sharona --- The Knack)

#2510.  Matthew Schlapp (Piece Of Crap --- Neil Young)

#2511.  Johnson's A Cunt (Behind The Sun --- Red Hot Chili Peppers)

#2512.  Shohei Ohtani (Mulligatawny --- Seinfeld episode)

#2513.  Brian Jack (Maniac --- Michael Sembello)

#2514.  McCormick (Moby Dick --- Led Zeppelin)

#2515.  Brad Knott (Gunshot --- Sublime)

#2516.  Vince Fong Is So Trumpy (As Long As You Love Me --- Backstreet Boys)

#2517.  Lloyd Smucker (Blood Sucker --- Wednesday 13)

#2518.  Guy Reschenthaler (Dollar For Dollar --- They Might Be Giants)

#2519.  Wax (Axe --- The Steel Woods)

#2520.  Big Lie McCormick's Load (Goodbye Yellow Brick Road --- Elton John)

#2521.  Smucker (Strutter --- Kiss)

#2522.  Schlapp's Very White (Trapped Under Ice --- Metallica)

#2523.  Kari Ann Lake (Gimme A Break --- Nell Carter)

#2524.  Greene Is A Fucking Cunt (Clean Up Before She Comes --- Nirvana)

#2525.  Greene Is Red (Jean Is Dead --- The Descendants)

#2526.  Lake Clown (Breakdown --- Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)

#2527.  Wynn Bruce (Footloose --- Kenny Loggins)

#2528.  Marjorie Taylor Greene (Under The Guillotine --- Kreator)

#2529.  Kari Lake (Yellow Cake --- Ministry)

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