Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Democratic presidential primary debate (10-13-15)

I wrote about the Republican debate.  So I might as well offer some thoughts on the Democrats.  I'll keep it simple and just proffer a blathering of adjectives.

Lincoln Chafee --- sheepish, disjointed, unpolished, Aspergers, frantic, awkward, aloof, erratic, out-of-place

Jim Webb --- honorable, whiny, distant, confusingly hurried, coneheaded, stilted, numb-skulled, boorish

Bernie Sanders --- frank, forceful, gesticulative, mild chutzpah, naturally aggravated, reasonable, practical, honest

Martin O'Malley --- principled, small, irrelevant, scripted, cautiously predictable

Hillary Clinton --- focused, steady, strong, tempered, consistent, measured spontaneity

I also came up with a title for my new book.  It's about tickets.