Thursday, July 08, 2021

#515. Fuck The Leech

I'll make a political prediction.  Looks like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is currently in the driver's seat ahead of the 2024 presidential election.  There are the others: Mike Pompeo, Ted Cruz, Nikki Haley who've got an outside shot.  Then there's a lengthier list of Republican douchebags (Rand Paul, Lindsey Graham, Josh Hawley, Tom Cotton, etc.) who've got no chance whatsoever.  They just want a seat at the table.  Raise money, go on Fox News, sell books.

Republicans have a long history of nominating governors.  Executive over legislative.  Less of a track record on difficult and polarizing issues.  Less insider, swampy establishment.  Greater level of independence.  But who would DeSantis pick for his VP?  

I'm virtually certain he'd pick a woman.  And that woman would likely be a dark horse governor who goes by the name Kristi Noem (R-SD).  It'd make for a pretty even race.  I suspect she'll take a page out of the Kamala Harris playbook.  Announce her candidacy and hit the debate stage.  Get in some shots, raise her profile, and then discreetly bow out.

DeSantis/Noem vs. Harris/uncertain (Likely a white male Democratic governor from a red state.  Kentucky's Andy Beshear comes to mind).  This is all assuming Biden bows out.

Dedicated to Kristi Noem.  What an attractive, predictable leech.  Definitely a right wing, tea bagging, loud mouth braggart, faux-patriot type.  She just sent another 125 South Dakota members of the National Guard to the border.  She could probably get away with being labeled a "female Trump."  But without the stigma that cums with being overly close to the Orange Prolapse.  She'd make for a good fit. 

Fuck The Leech

South Dakota


Up The Beach
Jane’s Addiction

Here we go now

Jane’s Addiction:

5-7-91, A.J. Palumbo Center, Pittsburgh, PA *
7-19-03, Post Gazette Pavilion, Burgettstown, PA (Lollapalooza)
7-10-15, Stage AE, Pittsburgh, PA

Porno for Pyros:

8-20-93, I.C. Light Amphitheatre, Pittsburgh, PA

* One of my all-time favorite concerts.  

Please do not share this material with Governor Kristi Noem (R-SD).  Mindless sonofsaf trivia:  My first parody in the quest for 1,000 was about Noem.  Noem Sweet Noem.

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Anonymous said...

DeSantis/Noem vs. Harris/uncertain (Likely a white male Democratic governor from a red state. Kentucky's Andy Beshear comes to mind). This is all assuming Biden bows out.

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