Monday, July 19, 2021

#544. Fake News Ted

Five years ago, in 2016, with the Republican presidential primary raging full throttle, a woman showed up on Maury Povich on a quest to find her son's "baby daddy."

Instead, she found her long-lost twin brother: Ted Cruz.


Fake News Ted

Pelosi in the House
Mitch has the other wing
There are those who don’t think
They fuckin’ make lots of noise

Ted Cruz fled to Cancun
Trump’s face is so red
Just gimme a break he is fake news… Ted

Ooh, on Maury, Povich no doubt
She’s not his brother
Not his brother

Fake News Ted (you lie)
Fake News Ted (and you’re scared)
Fake News Ted (you lie)
Fake News Ted

Wake Up Dead

I sneak in my own house
It's four in the morning
I had too much to drink
Said I was out with the boys

I creep in my bedroom
I slip into bed
I know if I wake her I'll wake up... dead

Ooh, I wonder, will she find out
About the other
Other lover

Wake up dead (you die)
Wake up dead (and buried)
Wake up dead (you die)
Wake up dead


2-14-88, South Hills Theater, Pittsburgh, PA

4-28-88, Palace Theater, Greensburg, PA

Ted Cruz makes me physically ill to the point of throwing up.  His opponents should use the derogatory term "Booze Cruz" in a similar vain.  As if to say that all of his most ardent supporters are delusional drunkards.

Please do not share this material with Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and/or his long lost sister.

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