Monday, April 18, 2005


Considering the fact that this is Wheeling, WV, I guess Sheetz qualifies as a restaurant and is reviewable material. The problem is... I've never eaten there. There's usually a line of 7 or 8 people milling around the computerized food terminal. The place is always packed so I've decided to just use it as an alternative gasoline source (my primary choice is Kroger, tertiary choice would have to be Woodsdale Exxon, formerly BP). This may change due to the Ed Coyne factor and I may have to boycott Sheetz in its entirety. If anyone wants to protest the Sheetz, let me know. We could make up some signs and go old school Benny Hinn via Mellon Arena. I just wouldn't want anyone to think I'm protesting Sheetz on behalf of Vance Church. Ironically, that's the one thing I love about Sheetz. It's a total eyesore next to a religious organization.
Seriously though, there's always a line 5 people deep at the register (some of them are morbidly obese, so the line has to kind of bend into the other line - that sucks, I don't support integration of multiple lines at convenience stores).
Another thing I don't care for is the color of the building. Get a grip - Sheetz is NOT Southwest Airlines. In fact, considering the LSD inspired color scheme, maybe they should call themselves Sheets (of Acid).
Another problem is the walk-in beer cooler. I feel like I'm in the enclosed porn section of the video rental store in Elm Grove. And to top it off, it's really not that cold in there. I once got a 12 pack of Miller Lite cans and it was only luke-cold.
Purely out of loyalty to Ed Coyne, I suggest we all boycott this orange/red monstrosity - unless it's for food after 3am because no matter how much Hardees claims to have improved, it still sucks cocks (in a veritable plethora of shapes and sizes). Except the Ham and Cheese sandwich, which is marginally edible if you're really hungry.
I did watch Heather Stollar eat a sandwich from Sheetz. I asked her how it was and she said it was "ok".


Ren said...

I have not eaten there, but Danno said the sandwiches aren't that great. I think he said it was sub-par bread. I have however had their "coffee" drinks. The mochachino and Chai tea I had were both weak, tasted very watered down. Both cost almost $4. I'll never do that again.

G Max said...

I enjoy the steak subs, chicken subs, pretzel melts, fries, nachos and mac & cheese. I also like the beer cooler. For some reason automatic doors fascinate me.