Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Top 10 Forgotten Bars of Wheeling

10. Mac's
Coach was the dickhead. Wonderful Wonderful.

9. The Study Hall
Great business model. Torch the place and collect the insurance.

8. Bud's Club
Home of the Bud Burger. Fuck That! Home of the heroin addict.

7. Office Lounge
Rest room to crowded? No problem - piss in the alley.

6. The Metro
Was it a metal bar? Was it a redneck bar? Was it a gay bar? No one really knew.

5. The Firehouse
Remember those two gay dudes that videotaped everyone smoking dope out back and sent the footage to WTOV9? Did you make the evening news?

4. My Club
Bad promotional ideas... C-section night, dental improvement night and "bring your daughter to work" night all failed miserably.

3. Captain Ed's Floating Lounge.
Sucked. Stank. Sunk.

2. Stormin' Norman's
This place was coked, err...uhhh, choked out of business. My bad.

1. The Eagle Inn
The original Wheeling meat market. 44 year old divorced mother of three - cinch in that pussy pillow. Tonight you will shine.

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Readytogo said...

Anyone remember a nightclub active in the early 70’s. Was out in the country and Bonnie rait once played there.