Monday, March 29, 2010


Webster's dictionary defines "sap" as someone who is prone to emotional distress. I define it as someone who trends toward being a crybaby/pain in the ass. In any event, I proudly present "sonofsap" - the fifth installment in an unrelenting sonofmix cd compilation series. Hopefully this disc will evoke the "sap" in all of us. As always, if you want a copy, just ask. But you must ask for it by name. It helps bolster my ego if you speak in a technically proficient manner when discussing the cds.
For example, you might want to say, "Saf, I was recently listening to the sonofsaved and sonoftsunami cds and much to my chagrin, you included a Dave Grohl cover of Prince's Darling Nikki on both. What's up with that?"
Truth be told, I screwed up, but fortunately the song rocks so it turned into a god-blessing.
And now I present you with sonofsap...

I like Neil Diamond. As an entertainer, he's a consummate professional. What I detest are the college fraternity boys who chest-bump at the bar shouting the refrain to Sweet Caroline. Nonetheless, "Love on the Rocks" is a good opener. This one's from a 2008 BBC broadcast.

Next up is the heartfelt "Fix You" from a 2005 show in Pilton, England. Yes, I like Coldgay. I like them exactly as much as I like Slayer. I am not joking. I could do without some of the theatrics, but these guys write simple, powerful music.

I snagged this version of "Linger" from a Songs Against War Festival in Munich, Germany (1994). Not exactly which war they were referring to, but I always enjoyed The Cranberries. I love her voice. All you Lillith Fairaholics had better take heed.

"Hold me closer Tony Danza" - Jess Wheaton
This version of Elton John's "Tiny Dancer" is from a 1988 show near Chicago. I never thought much about this song until I heard it in that movie Almost Famous.

"Sister Christian" was the song that put Night Ranger on the map. They have some other decent pop/rock tunes that never received any recognition. This version is from a nationally broadcast radio show in 1984. If it's good enough for the coke scene in Boogie Nights, it's good enough for sonofsap.

This 8+ minute version of Gold Dust Woman by Stevie Nicks is truly bad ass. It's from 1994 concert in Hollywood, CA.

My Morning Jacket is probably the best non commercial band in the country. Here's a version of the song "War Begun" from the Festival Pier in Philadelphia (2008).

There's probably hundreds of versions of "Soulshine" by the Allman Brothers. I snagged this one from the ABB offshoot Government Mule. 2005 in Cologne, Germany.

Here's a poignant song by Joe Jackson. "Breaking Us In Two" from an intimate show in Birmingham, England 1995. Nice version as well. I like the way he reworks his studio material.

"Time." No, not Pink Floyd. Try Alan Parson Projects. Great tune. Crystal clear quality. I once played it on the Knotty Pines jukebox amidst a bunch of grunting, metal songs. Prestonian was not amused.

I included this version of Tina Turner's "Private Dancer" because I liked the fact that it's from Tokyo in 1985. The Japanese fans were always notorious for being well-behaved concert goers. When a concert is complete, they all shuffle out of the auditorium single file. I wonder if they still do that.

Here's an upbeat version of "Mrs. Robinson" from Paul Simon. Philly in 2006.

Let's close it out with a James Taylor song. I have no idea why. This version of "Fire and Rain" is from 2009 in Rotterdam, Netherlands. When he introduces the song, he tells the crowd "he loves them which is kind of odd because he doesn't know any of them." This type of brutal honesty is critical to comprehending the essence of sonofsap.

Finally, if you wait long enough, you'll hear a phone call from King Diamond. You might be thinking, "What the fuck, Saf?" Well, we started with a Neil Diamond so we will finish with a King Diamond. I'm still here grandma...


Anonymous said...

Every time I hear, "Private Dancer". I always imagine hearing her screech...."I'm your private dancer, I'll dance on your privates". Is it just me?

Larry said...

I love the Badlands version of Fire and Rain.