Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bill Cowher will coach NY Giants

Top 10 Reasons Cowher will coach the NY Giants next year (not intended to be humorous)...

10) Assuming the Giants don't make the playoffs, Tom Coughlin will be gone. Players don't like his drill instructor routine. Ownership doesn't care for his disposition.

9) Cowher is tired of the broadcasting booth. Wants to be on the sideline. Wants an established winner as quarterback (Eli Manning).

8) A respectable amount of time has passed since the ordeal with his wife. Kids are grown. There's a reason he didn't jump on any of the several head coaching positions last year - it's because he was waiting for the NY Giants job.

7) Wants to be the highest paid coach (he'll probably get it, might have to settle for the average salary of the top 3 - Belichick, Shanahan, Carroll)

6) Wants the grandest stage - NYC. And gets a brand new bad-ass stadium.

5) Wants all those high profile games (Redskins, Eagles, Cowboys).

4) The Carolina coaching job is a ruse.

3) He's getting his buddy Jerome Bettis to leak his interest on air and feed the rumor mill.

2) Wants to be the first coach to get a Superbowl ring with an NFC & AFC team.

1) Giants ownership is a strong fit. Not arrogant, and for the most part, hands off the day-to-day football operations (like the Rooneys). Cowher will get to run the whole show.

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