Monday, March 14, 2011

Peter King hearings

If the Peter King (R - New York) led congressional hearings looking into the problem of Muslim radicalism are a sound idea, why not have them at all levels of government? Seriously, if the direness of the impending threat is so extreme... why not have hearings at the state, county and city level as well? Shouldn't we look to congressional activity as a barometer for evaluating the needs of our country. Seems reasonable. After all, these terrorists are lurking in sleeper cells in various nooks and crannies. Interesting that crannies is a real word. I figured it would get red-squiggly underlined.

My question is this. Why hasn't a single high-profile person opposed to these hearings offered this counterpoint? It's a great way to phrase the argument and "refudiate" the objectives of Peter King. After all, this is simply a McCarthy-like witch hunt. I don't think it was a reelection ploy though. He's from a pretty conservative district (especially considering it's right outside New York City). I realize 9/11 had a greater emotional impact on this region of the country, but I don't believe he's pandering to anti-Muslim sentiment as a strategy for re-election.

What I'm saying is that someone else must have encouraged these hearings. I'd speculate it's part of an overall strategy to get rid of Obama. Did this entire movement to crush collective bargaining rights just magically appear throughout the entire Northeast and a bunch of pivotal swing states in the Midwest? Is it all just a spontaneous coincidence? Of course not.

Obamacare was the big enchilada though. The Republican response necessitated some national coordination. They really needed to galvanize the Republican base, especially the poor schmucks of the south. Best to do that through social issues. Stick with classics - abortion, gays & god. And be sure to stoke the flames of Islamaphobia and the incessant socialism/anti-freedom refrain. As if the two are mutually exclusive.

The problem is the Republicans, with the exception of Romney, just don't have any credible contenders. Newt the hypocrite is literally fucked by the Clinton impeachment vote. Huckabee, who's still strong in Iowa, is screwed by the "Obama is a Muslim" rhetoric. Palin is a whack job and her high negatives will never go away. Santorum has no cash. Pawlenty could be strong in the vp role. If there ever was a guy who looked like a VP, it's Pawlenty. Even his name sounds VPish. Mitch Daniels and John Huntsman - nobody knows these guys. Haley Barbour, way too southern.

I'd go with a Romney/Pawlenty ticket or possibly Romney with John Thune. But my point, the Republicans need this country to be a complete train wreck and then just play the blame game. Not the worst strategy. It could be very effective if there's another Islamic terror attack. That's why they all stick to the "Obama's a Muslim" rhetoric. The toned down, barely politically acceptable version of this is, "He says he's a Christian and I'll take him at his word." I think this a wise Republican theme - keep hammering away at it. If it's only about the economy and nothing suddenly catastrophic occurs, Obama should squeak by and keep most of the states he won in 2008.

Bush vs. Gore (2000) - the pivotal state was Florida and the forgotten crisis in New Mexico.
Bush vs. Kerry (2004) - it was all about Ohio
Obama vs. McCain - (2008) the swing states all went Obama, and he picked up Virginia (huge) and I'm pretty sure Indiana and North Carolina. I'd expect these states to play a looming role in 2012. It's going to be a rough ride for the Republican candidate to snag back these states, let alone the historic swing states (Ohio & PA). Good news is West Vagina - guaranteed Republican. You could even run the deceased body of Richard Nixon.

My prediction. Obama dumps Biden. Hillary steps in to fill the VP slot. The Republicans need a credible anti-war Independent running from the center-left. I've said it before... Tom Hanks. If Hanks, or someone in a similar vain, makes a move - Obama is fucked. Same thing's true for the Democrats. If someone like Ron Paul or Pat Buchanan run from the center-right as an Independent, Obama stays put. A cool scenario - 2 strong, credible Independent candidates from both angles. You would really start to carve apart the popular vote. It's gotta happen one of these days. Too many egos in the country with too much spare change.

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Anonymous said...

National coordination??? The only national coordination has been Obama's progressive groups marching lockstep with this failure of a President. The reason collective bargaining is an issue at the state level across the country is that the stimulus monies are running out, and state governments now have to balance completely out of whack budgets all at the same time.

Hillary Clinton is running away from Obama after his horrific handling of Libya, she's too smart a politician to run on the same ticket with a community organizer...