Sunday, May 15, 2011


I went to the annual CRRC (crick ranch recreational compound) clean-up yesterday. Mowed the entire place - A damn fine work out. Then, I zipped home and showered and headed back out. We went on a crick run from around 7-8:30pm or so. Anyway, as I was rounding the driveway (fuckface bend) around 10pm and I ran into this.

Well obviously I couldn't go much further. So I get out in the darkness and salvage my way to the top of the driveway. There was no electricity as the entire street was without power. Understandable because we got hit by a fucking microburst. So I chilled out, called it a night and listened to some music.

The power came back on at some point and I went outside to survey the damage the next morning.

And look at the sodomization of his hillside...

As you can imagine, he must be pissed. His maintenance crew showed up on Sunday afternoon to inspect every twig as well as the errant leafs that blew on his roof. But they left everything else in tact. So I did what I do. I called Captain Lee and asked for some advice. He zipped up and said the removal is probably going to run a few grand. Thus, it looks like a homeowners claim. BUTT, and that's a but with an extra "T," all the uprooted trees are very close to my property line with the cemetery.

So, I'm heading down to the cemetery office to see what they say. Hopefully, they'll clean up the mess (I doubt it). This is going to be a close call. I have a hunch it could produce mixed results. I'd rather have one entity take care of everything. So, we'll see what transpires.

What if it takes a while? I personally don't mind. I could always park in the cemetery or at the base of the driveway as we figure out who's responsible for what. BUT (with another capital "T" based on the fact that my neighbor is an anal retentive asshole, he's going to go insane. None of the trees and branches interfere with anything important, but I can imagine the hearty scowl and self-centered anguish he'll feel when he walks by the devastation. And to see my car surreptitiously parked so close to his driveway... it's going to give the mother fucker a heart attack.

Regardless, I'll head down to office tomorrow and have them come take a look-see. There's plenty of damage in the cemetery and through Wheeling Park as well. This was a really focused, narrow tornado path. I suppose I should be grateful nothing hit the house. Could have been ugly. I'm surmising that it could still get ugly if our past relationship provides an accurate barometer.

I almost forgot... Here's "Trunky!" "You gots plenty of junk in that trunk," says Lasquisha on the Maury Povich show.


sonofsaf said...

The pictures really don't do it justice. This is far worse than it looks.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I should come up to reason with him. We seem to have a good rapport.