Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bennett's case - Reichle vs. Howards

Tomorrow is a big day.  My brother is appearing in the U.S. Supreme Court to argue Reichle vs. Howards.  Even though he will not be speaking, this is about as big as it gets.  He wrote the brief.  My parents flew in last night and will be attending the session.  Gig and I are zipping down early tomorrow morning to meet up with everyone.

And my father's birthday is today... so I had to write him a poem.  But the real spotlight will be on my middle brother.  So I wrote this one for the both of them.  As usual, most of it's inside family humor.

Bennett Goes to D.C.

I've often heard the expression... "when in Rome"
So in our nation's capitol, I give you this poem

Five of sit, here at this table
Let me tell you a story, I assure you I'm able

My father is a wise man, he's unlikely to commit perjury
Even if sedated and coming off knee surgery

But this birthday poem's not really about him, which could be a source of contention
It's mostly about his son's case, which merits our attention

He's the reason we're here.  He wrote the fucking brief.
He's the brains of this trial.  The Commander in Chief.

But mom laid the groundwork, with inspiration and dedication
When she sued that asshole Marockie and the Board of Education

Now your youngest son's the wildcard, I'm sure you'll voluntarily cede
All he wants to talk about is this artificially generated stampede

And you finally get to meet my lovely girlfriend, her name is Georgiann
The more you get to know her, I'm sure you'll become a fan

Standing before the ultimate judiciary, isn't for cowards
Even when the case is a slam dunk, like Reichle vs. Howards

I cannot fathom a hostile act, that is any bolder
Than touching the vice president, directly on the shoulder

And he even had the audacity, to engage in a verbal attack
When he questioned his policies, regarding the war in Iraq

And just where is Dick Cheney?  Why didn't he show up for the case?
Perhaps he's off quail hunting, shooting another friend in the face

But if there is one thing, that I truly detest
It's someone who bitches, about retaliatory arrest

Our highest court has historically sided with the Secret Service
But this case begs the question, are they truly impervious

In a world filled with instability and disunity
Can Secret Service agents act with absolute impunity

In the Supreme court, this case has just been tried
I suspect they'll agree, their immunity is qualified

But an 8 to zero ruling, could still leave you confused. 
Why not 9 to zero?  Elena Kagan was recused.

But what nobody ever knew, was that Bennett would do anything he can
For if the outlook grew dim, he had a secret, master plan  

In the game of golf, we call it taking a mulligan
He'd whip out his ukulele and perform Gilbert and Sullivan

It would be most unorthodox, kind of like a courtroom Aliyah
Just one last ditch attempt, to curry favor with Scalia

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