Thursday, August 29, 2013

Boring/Loudmouth PGA fans

Fans who attend professional golf exhibitions are normally known for exhibiting courtesy.  It's an upscale audience.  They tend to be mild-mannered and respectful. 

However, there's always some bozo in the crowd who yells "GO IN THE HOLE !!!"  Sometimes it's even a shot where there's no reasonable expectation of making it.  It could be a tee shot on a par 5 or a layup from the deep rough.  This guy (most likely an uninspired meathead drinking an $8.00 Bud Light draft) thinks he has cornered the market on golf humor.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it's just not funny anymore.  Maybe it was 15 years ago, but nowadays... meh.

Here's an idea that would be vastly more comical.  How about yelling out the name of your favorite rock'n'roll album?

Think about it.  Right after a golfer hits the ball, you yell "Master of Puppets!" or "Song Remains the Same!"  Heavy metal songs would be the best choice.  Personally, I'd go the Slayer route.  So many gems... "Angel of Death", "South of Heaven", "Chemical Warfare", "Haunting the Chapel", I could list these song titles all day, all night.

You might be wondering - Saf, the thoughts that enter your head... Exactly how do these ideas originate?  Where do they come from?  Is it something in your DNA (delivery of nonsensical aberrations).  To be honest, this one's not entirely my own.

Back in the 1998-2003 time frame, there was a fan in the audience of many a Leftover Salmon show.  During a brief pause in between songs, the applause would dissipate and this guy would yell at the top of his lungs, "PLAY SOME SLAYER YOU FUCKING PUSSIES !!!"

This man was Ken D.

The bootlegs still exist.  And so could the famed footage from Augusta, GA (The Masters), Pebble Beach, etc.

Let us modify this vision and extrapolate a new path forward.  It would likely catch on quick.  I guarantee it would be a ratings boost.  And it would be great fodder for the casual viewer.  All around, it's a win-win.

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