Tuesday, September 16, 2014

NFL Covergirl Proposition

Gigi and I were talking about social media gimmicks that could damage the credibility of the NFL.  I thought if someone high profile (like Condi Rice) were to post a video on youtube --- her cutting up her Browns jersey and requesting others do so... until Goodell's resignation or specific demands were met.  Well, that would be a big deal.

She'd never do it, but someone else might go for it.  Maybe an Ellen DeGeneres, Rosie O'Donnell or someone of that ilk.

But this morning, I saw something bordering on absolute brilliance.

Then I saw this one.

IF... and I'll concede, it's a big if.  But if someone high profile could "challenge" women who feel they've been impacted by domestic violence or have a friend or relative (which basically means every woman on the planet) who is a survivor of domestic violence...

...to go into their makeup cabinet and do some touch-ups before the big game.  Well, this would be MIND-BLOWING.  Talk about an easy systems disruption.  It would resonate in ways unimaginable.

The NFL camera people would be terrified every time they pan the crowd.  They'd be scared to death that they'll inadvertently show women with punched-out eyes or bloody lips.  Talk about shining a light on an issue.  All of a sudden, ESPN, NFL Network, NBC et al are put in a ridiculously compromised position --- the inability or fear of showing stadium fan reaction.  From here on out, all you get to see is the plays on the field.  And people thought my Trent Dilfer #8 / Trent Dildo 8" secret lift-up sign was dangerous to the NFL brand.   

Normally, most women wouldn't be receptive to portraying themselves as having been beaten.  But if they have a reasonable pretense or passionate excuse for putting on that altered game face, it completely changes the stigma and ensuing dynamic.  It's called... oh yeah, that world I like to use... super-empowerment.

It's one thing to fly a #GOODELLMUSTGO banner over a stadium.

It's another thing entirely to put "boots on the ground" and create a social media frenzy.

Note: this could easily become a popular Halloween costume this year.  Watch for it.  In the meantime, here's the REAL REASON Goodell should step down.  He's a coward for refusing to address the most obvious, asymmetric national security issue faced by our nation.

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Anonymous said...

"World" that!!!!
Mika was getting a little pissed this morning on MSNBC...she had every right!