Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Gary Johnson Campaign Slogan


Most people would look at this bumper sticker's conceptual design ^^^ and have absolutely no idea what the fuck I'm talking about.  But as the 2016 election approaches, I have a hunch that could change.

Gary Johnson is the former Republican Governor of New Mexico.  As a registered Democrat in the state of West Virginia, I voted for him in the 2012 general election.  I figured that Mitt Romney was a lock in WV.  So what the hell, why not support the future of a credible third party?  We're the state where Obama almost lost to a convicted felon named Keith Judd in the 2012 primary.  At the time, Judd (the hillbilly version of the uni-bomber) was languishing in federal prison in the great state of Texas.  He actually won a handful of WV counties and secured about 40% of the vote.  Is he related to the country music mother-daughter duo?  I doubt it.  Hey, it's Western Virginia, go figure! 

I'm not too big on bumper stickers.  With one exception --- the anti-SAF on my old Outback, of course.

However, I do find this one amusing.

As a student of propaganda, misdirection and disinformation, maybe I just enjoy taking a curve ball approach to humanity... and the future.

That's why I like my tongue-in-cheek "lesser of 3 evils" slogan.  Not only does it have that classic tinge of self-deprecation, it also has this underlying sarcasm which I think would appeal to wiser voters who feel disenfranchised.  But most important, it's a great marketing teaser.  Because it raises the most obvious question --- who the hell is this guy?  And why would he refer to himself as "minimally evil?"  Then, you do a little research.  Then, the word of mouth gets going.  It's merely a ploy.  That's how it begins.

Gary Johnson???  He's a routine competitor in those triathlon, iron man competitions.  He founded a prominent construction company.  Has written several books about politics and government.  The guy fucking climbed Mount Everest, K-2 and all these other mountains.  Sounds a little more health conscious than Trump and a little more physically fit than Hillary.  This could be a valuable inroad --- portraying Hillary as an old bitty with a fat ass and Donald as your agitated, pissed off ginger uncle.

With Hillary and Trump repeatedly super-punching each other in the breasts and balls, it gives Johnson a legitimate opportunity to make some waves.  Although I seriously doubt his ability to contend, I honestly do believe he can have an impact.  Kingmaker... not likely.  But he could play a significant role in determining the outcome.  Seriously, what's the difference?  Just ego.  History occasionally respects strategy as opposed to money and power.  Not often, but sometimes.

It's doubtful he'll end up on the debate stage as his low polling numbers will give the networks a semi-credible out.  I'd say use that your advantage.  Rail against the media for not allowing a third, alternative perspective.  And then you can push your slogan --- The Lesser of Three Evils.

Just an aside.  Rather than the established (D) or (R), the Libertarian Party foolishly uses the moniker (LP).  Here's a straightforward suggestion.  If you want to legitimately compete in the 2016 race, or any other future political race, drop the letter "P"... in perpetuity.  You shouldn't have to tell people that your candidate hails from an actual political party.  It's a beacon of weakness and a stagnant reminder.  Same thing for the Constitution Party, Green Party, etc.

This slogan "the lesser of three evils" changes the conversation.  It instantaneously alters preconceived notions because it redefines the narrative.  Oh, there's a third choice.  You know something, I honestly forgot there was another major candidate.  Hey, if Clinton or Trump don't get their act together...

And here's a mind-blowing stat.  Depending on which poll you believe, Johnson is currently garnering anywhere from 4% to 11% of the popular vote.  Conjecture is that as things heat up between Trump/Clinton, most people will pick one or the other.  Because they won't want to waste their vote.  I disagree.  Both have ridiculously high negatives.  And so many people are dissatisfied with the 2 party death grip on the system.  As the barrage of negative campaigning rolls on, a few voters will be searching for a credible alternative.  And by the way, he'll be on the general election ballot in all 50 states.

Johnson's other positions --- generally is opposed to military intervention, wants to abolish the nonsensical war on drugs and stop the mindless incarceration, wants to simplify the tax code and slash govt. spending across the board.  His religious views can be summed up in one sentence --- do unto others...

All Johnson really needs is a killer, high profile endorsement and a snappy viral add.  Maybe Chewbacca-mask woman could lend a hand.

More registered voters likely value her opinion over John Kasich's.  That's the current sad state of affairs in the U.S. of A.  And just wait.  I assure you it's going to get much worse.  If you don't think an anti-government false flag is coming, you're outta your mind.  Hint: dominipede.

Could very well be how Trump pulls it off in 2016.

Politics is all about timing and momentum.  Just ask that guy with the peculiar name...  you know, the one who has occupied the White House for the last 7 years.

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