Wednesday, November 09, 2016

the day after

I'm having some difficulty coming to grips with the presidential election result.  At some point, I'll write about it.  But not today.  Instead, let us rehash a couple of memes.  I didn't come up with either of these, but I think they're both exceptionally strong.

Whoever thought up the Comey one is a total bad ass.  I love the Kenny Rogers head substitution.  I might try one based on the Gene Wilder - Willy Wonka "helplessly idealistic" concept.

On an entirely different note, what totally makes this one is Miley's patented tongue drop.  Gene Simmons seems stale and haggard by comparison. 

One quick thought about the election.  It's called CONFIRMATION BIAS.

Trump's campaign manager, the indomitable KellyAnne Conway, said it best.  Not sure about the quote verbatim but it went something like this.  (Regarding the Hillary Clinton organization)  When everyone around you tells you the same exact thing... there's a tendency to believe it.

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