Friday, February 10, 2006

Steelers game #3

As noted, I missed the 2nd pre-season home game against Miami. If you don't have a life, we were victorious 17-3.

The regular season would commence on a really rough note. The night before the game I went to Eric and Amanda's wedding. I proceeded to get relatively trashed at the recpetion. Then, we went to the Alpha and drank til about 2am or so. One of Amanda's friends (Jen) left her car downtown and otped to stay the night. We both passed out.
I awoke the next morning when the sun hit my face. My alarm clock said 8:44am. I started screaming, "Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!" I could not believe it - I had overslept through both alarms (my cell phone and my alarm clock). I woke up Jen and we flew out the door. I basically drove through several red lights and stop signs and made it to limo land at 9am. I called Killer, apologized, and told him I running about 15 minutes late. He was cool about it and said to just get moving. I dropped Jen at her car and bolted to Killer's place. They were waiting outside on the street corner. Lisa gave me a little flack which was understandable. We then zipped to Stoney and picked up Danny and Rita. Rita came to my defense telling everyone that they were late as well so it was irrelevant.
The rest of the day was much calmer. I snagged a ticket at crunch time for $20.00 off an older gentleman. It was a 200 level suite ticket just a few rows up with a $195.00 face value. Ironically, my best seat for the whole year. I had been very fortunate as it was opening day and there weren't many extras floating around. I hung out with Scottie and Schneid on the 5th tier for a while. Schneid wanted to bet me 5 bucks that Tennessee wouldn't score an offensive touchdown. I declined and minutes later they scored their only touchdown of the game. Then I decided to check out my seat. I sat in the air-conditioned suite for a while and then walked down to check out my real location. I thanked the guy who sold me the ticket a few times. Nice guy - didn't mind that I hadn't showered and probably smelled horrible as it was blistering hot. Everyone was sweating profusely. I sat there until midway through the 3rd period and then left for the pit.
It was a relatively uneventful ride home. Dropped them all off and got home around 7pm. The Steelers got a resounding win but it was a rough way to start the season.


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