Sunday, February 12, 2006

Steelers game #8

This was a fun one. Great atmosphere. The Bungles came to town for a 1pm game. If they won, it would basically assure them them the division title for the first time since Bush Sr. was in office. It was a rowdy scene outside the stadium. Believe it or not, tickets were EVERYWHERE. Considering the magnitude of the game, I was very surprised. I had earlier turned down an old lady who wanted face value and it was a tough decision. I ended up prematurely paying 20 bucks. Probably could have gotten a freebie if I would have applied myself. No big deal, though.
I usually stand on one of the benches outside Gate A and watch the mob roll into the stadium. It's nice to get an overview of half the attendees all pushing and shoving, chanting and yelling. All of a sudden these 3 Bengals fans jump up on the bench next to me and start yelling like Mel Gibson in Bravehart before the first major battle scene at Sterling. They are totally decked out in Bengals gear and wearing orange facemasks. They were really brazen about it. The crowd starts booing them and I yell at them to "Sit the fuck down!" All of a sudden, drinks and beer cans start flying in. These guys are getting pelted with beverages, but they handled it with unbelievable composure. I'd say they lasted for about 30 seconds and were pelted by about 25 beverages. All in all, it was one of the coolest things I'd seen all year. Then, they jumped down and stormed off.
Halftime was very cool. They did a Myron Cope tribute and the place went nuts. Towels waving all over the place. I'm glad they gave him a halftime show at one of the big games.
As for the actual game, our special teams really blew it. Plus, we had turnovers galore. Still we managed to keep it close. I totally forget where we went after the game - I guess everyone made it home ok.


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