Friday, December 19, 2008

NFL playoff sheet

I have decided to do another NFL playoff football sheet this year. Basically you just track your winners through the brackets: 1 point for each correct wildcard: 2 points for divisional: 3 for championship: 4 for Superbowl. Superbowl point total is the tiebreaker, regardless of who plays (I know, not the most scientific, and it probably won't be needed anyway).
Make sure you understand the seeding if you pick an upset. It will all be spelled out on the sheet and I"m pretty observant about making sure nobody fucks it up.
5 buck entry fee. Winner take all. I'm predicting 38 entries which puts the payout at $190 - Just a guess. I only have a week to get it done, so it largely depends on who I run into.
I'd say about 60% the people who participate will enjoy the experience. About 25% will not even give a remote fuck. 10% will do it just so I leave them alone. 5% will make poor picks and annoyingly complain about the outcome to anyone who will listen regardless of the fact that it's only 5 bucks.
I haven't decided if I will participate. I probably will and offer a copy of my pics on my blog or for verification purposes.


Anonymous said...

Will your parents' cats be playing again this year?

sonofsaf said...

Excellent query - The cats will refrain this time. My parents were a bit overzealous in filling out their World Cup pic sheets last time; hence, Thelma and Louise sounded better than Doreen2 and Hal2.
No relatives will participate this time. Immediate or distant.

Sandy said...

bendy wishes to participate. please provide submission details.

Anonymous said...

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