Tuesday, April 27, 2010

system disruption regarding AZ immigration law

Here's a hypothetical way to gain national publicity regarding the recently signed immigration law in Arizona. Let's say I'm a hispanic member of the U.S. Marines based in Tuscon, Mesa or anywhere in Arizona for that matter. I've already completed my first tour of duty in Iraq. I'm currently preparing to be deployed to Afghanistan. I've been running at the local high school track in an attempt to increase my endurance. I'm on my way there today as well. My position in the military does not offer much in the way of compensation. I currently drive a 2002 Honda Accord which has served me well over the years.

Anyway, I'm on my way to the track when I get pulled over for speeding. I never bring my wallet and identification with me when I go running. However, I do have my registration and proof of insurance but the policeman simply cannot verify my identity. My English is decent but the cop won't stop hammering me on the lack of being able to produce a valid drivers license. Sensing that the cop is a racist, I make the determination that's it a futile situation. At this point, I just decide to invoke my right to remain silent.

Unfortunately, the timing could not have been worse. Later this afternoon, my unit is set to deploy for the Middle East. The cop concludes he has reasonable cause to detain me and I end up in Maricopa county jail until I can verify that I'm not an illegal alien. I remain in jail for a week or so while the rest of my unit deploys.

Long story shot, now the U.S. military has issued a warrant for my arrest because they think I've gone AWOL. I wanted desperately to serve my country and fulfill my duty but the state "unknowingly" interfered. A situation like this would inevitably have to resolved in the courts. But it's a vastly more powerful demonstration of state law vs. federal law. It would work much better if it were staged and the cop was fully aware of the plot. There's literally tons of ways to expose the state law/federal law immigration documentation contradiction, but this one would be one of the most effective because it evokes so much passion from different angles. The media would have a field day with something like this.

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Excellent Hypothetical!!