Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Westboro continued

So Saturday is the big day when the Fred Phelps Topeka freaks come to town. These are the same morons that once held up signs - "God Loves Dead Coal Miners." I wonder if they'll have the guts to go that rout again, especially in the wake of the worst mining disaster in decades.

Apparently, they are now avoiding Wheeling Jesuit and holding their "protest" at that little triangular median near Perkins in Woodsdale. I can't really call this debacle a protest because anytime you invoke the word of God, it renders your message useless. The lord says this, my god says that - what a joke bordering on true embarrassment. Now here's where it gets really sad. In typical fashion, those wild, rebellious Wheeling College kids are fighting back. I spoke with a girl and she said they're planning a bake sale and contributing the proceeds to groups the WBC rails against. What the fuck is that? Let me explain. My name is Mary Ellen and I'm from Alexandria, Virginia. My parents dole out nearly 30K a year so I can learn how to pray and sneak into the Alpha late on a Thursday night. I'm not gonna get crazy tonight (drink 3 tequila sunrises). Instead, I'll go to the dorms kitchen and bake a tray of rice krispy treats. Then, I will top them with sprinkles. Then I'll donate all the proceeds to AIDS research. TAKE THAT you Westboro Church hatemongers. You'll rue the day you came to Wheeling.

Again, I'm not sure which is more pathetic. The WBC or the lame ass response by the relocated beltway kids seeking their theology degrees. Fucking pathetic. When did this country get so politically correct. If you have a problem with some cult (all religions are cults but the WBC is particularly obnoxious), why not hose them down? Ohhh, someone could get hurt. Gimme a fucking break. There's nothing wrong with going old school. Tar and feather, pie in the face, turn on the hose, spray them down with holy water, hurl mud - these are the kind of tactics that should be implemented.

Of course, then you'd hear the typical Wheeling bible belt refrain. We won't stoop to their level. We'll have a counter protest and hold hands. We'll make signs that say "God Loves Everyone" or "Hatred is Hateful." Give me a mother fucking break. The citizens of this country are so timid and enfeebled. This town finally has a chance to prove its worth to the entire country and the residents will indubitably take a pass. The churchies in this town? Their idea of political participation is voting for their favorite American Idol contestant. Their idea of system disruptions is defying the "Do not feed the ducks" sign at Wheeling Park. They can't tell me what to do!

So here's the deal. They'll still be at the three Catholic churches. I guess the Wheeling Police Dept. is assigning a few officers to make sure things don't get out of hand. I think this is WEAK. If you're going to purposefully try to enrage people with one of the lamest forms of the LCD (Lowest Common Denominator) behavior, then you should be on your own. Of course, the Westboro Baptist Church assholes usually get young children to hold their signs. How's that for accountability? Having a 7 year old girl hold up a sign at a military funeral that says "Thank God for IEDs.

My point - and trust me, I'm probably the biggest free speech advocate in the area. But it has to be SUBSTANTIVE At the very least, have just a sliver of merit or purpose. When you use the God argument, there's just nothing there. Even shouting "fire" in a crowded theater has a purpose. These brainwashed fuckheads have no purpose whatsoever.

This whole debacle is just such a sad commentary on Wheeling. I imagine the counter protesters will declare victory. We are proud. We defeated evil. Yeah, good for you.
Even worse are the mindless responses, "There's karma out there" or "You'll get yours" or "Remember, what goes around comes around" or my favorite "They'll face God on judgement day." Seriously, what the fuck does any of that shit really mean. Answer: zilch.

If you don't like a bunch of brainwashed dumbshits preaching their version of religious nonsense, then I implore you - DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.


Anonymous said...

One more thought, you'll often hear the argument - "Don't acknowledge them. Just ignore them and hoepfully they'll go away."
I say FUCK THAT. Once the group gets hosed down and sprayed with cheap beer and skunk scent from Cabella's, things become much clearer. It's important that the viewing public come to the rationalization that people are willing to do something. Then, others will sporadically start acting up. Don't give the WBC fucks a free pass. Unfortunately, it's Wheeling so my expectations of people "seizing the day" are severely limited.

Anonymous said...

You holding a witty sign will be much more vicious than a tray of Rice Crispy treats. Will it be a spin off of the Trent Dildo sign? THAT was controversial!

Jennifer Beth said...

I plan on attending. Sounds entertaining and fun.