Tuesday, August 17, 2010

apple pie incident

Most people aren't familiar with Carl Levin (D). He's a senator from Michigan that serve as a Chairperson on the Armed Services Committee. It's a pretty powerful foreign policy position. Anyway, some woman hit him in in the face with an apple pie yesterday at a deli in Michigan.


I guess her overriding point was that the Democratic wing of the party is just as culpable for the war crimes in Iraq/Afghanistan as the Republican party. And that point is a pretty valid one when you strip out all the rhetoric.

Of course I do not condone using pastry as a misdemeanor assault weapon. However, I think it would have been acceptable fodder for the "politikill" website. I'd like to think that people would be a little more creative in their attempts to mock and ridicule. But I'm forced to realize that most people aren't really that inspired. Well, unless you're talking about adding yarn-like dreaded hair extensions to a sock puppet. Most just don't like to think outside the box. It's asking a little too much.

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Anonymous said...

I believe Ann Coulter has been pelted a few times by pies. Nothing beats the reporter from Iraq, throwing his shoes at President Bush. He had some mad ducking skills. Almost ninja fast! DBV