Tuesday, August 03, 2010

politikill.com or yourepresent.com

Here's the early ideas for my website designed to alter the course of democracy in the United States. If it were even a slight success, it could have a profound impact on generations to come. Keep in mind, these are just a spattering of ideas and ramblings. Not the most cohesive stuff, I pasted most of it from some stuff I jotted down earlier today.

Premise - Construct a political website designed to encourage individuals to upload videos that mock, ridicule and destroy the credibility of high profile/elitist politicians.

Here are some commonly accepted notions:

Attaining high level political office in the United States is impossible for the poor and/or middle class.

It was the intention of the founding fathers that anyone (butcher, baker, candlestick maker) could run for office, so that not just the elite and extreme upper class would run the country. Despite the fact that they were wealthy landowners, they were repulsed by the aristocracy.

The current campaign finance system and corporate lobbying system is broken. The majority of politicians are easily compromised. They are bought and sold.

The Democratic and Republican establishments are basically the same with the exception of divergent approaches to some hot button social issues (abortion, fags, prayer in school, etc).

Outside party candidates have extreme difficulty because the system is inherently stacked against them. They generally have less money and are often discarded by major corporate donors.

You often hear, "throw all the bums out." But that's simply not realistic due to the inability to weed out the establishment candidates.

Unless you have extreme personal wealth, you probably don't stand a chance. Should the fact that you have unlimited monetary resources, make you a better candidate? Just because you can spend millions on advertising and consultants - does this make you a knowledgeable candidate with superior ideas. Of course not.

Develop a youtube based website for every national politician in Congress. The objective being to allow for open-sourced video footage of candidates caught in compromising positions, being mocked and/or ridiculed. This would discredit their campaign. It would be based on trying to destroy a political campaign for a statistically insignificant fraction of the cost. For incumbents it could be based on the excessive amount of money spent in the previous election cycle.

Recent erosion of campaign financing laws have further loosened corporate and individual donations to PACS and politicians. The Supreme Court ruled that it's more of a free speech issue. Well, here's a different type of free speech.

Eventually, the laws of balance must apply to hyper-capitalist style U.S. democracy. This could encourage a sustained backlash against entrenched and super-elite.

So, let's start a website which incorporates the monetary incentive to pummel the wealthiest politicians that spend the most during the course of their campaign.

Develop a reasonable monetary percentage table and request documentation of the expenses. Food, gas, poster board, air horn, kazoos, marker, banner, etc.

For President - spend 1/1,000,000 of the
For Senate - spend 1/500,000
For Governor - spend 1/100,000
For House of Rep. spend 1/10,000
possibly high profile mayors

Develop a different percentage for big time races and candidates. Sometimes, the House of Reps in critical districts become very expensive campaigns.

The objective - the more money a candidate spends and receives through fund raising, the more inclined people will be to discredit them. You could even turn it into a contest and possibly offer financial rewards for the person who does the best job. Think about it - Potential for the first ever ANTI-PAC! Donations would be accepted and go to the producer of the most successful video on a monthly basis. Theoretically, the website could be monetarily self perpetuating through donations from people who are concerned with the stagnant nature of political officeholders in our nation's capitol. Once a major candidate (let's say... uhhhh.... Sarah Palin, for instance) is destroyed and cut at the knees, interest in the sight should increase exponentially. Kind of like a political paparazzi website with a noble cause. Feed heavily off the major news media, youtube fixation and a country that celebrates instant fame, notoriety and footage that seeks to shock, marginalize and discredit major officeholders and office seekers.

The website must be completely bi-partisan. No allegiance toward any political party, but extra credit would be received for attempts on the wealthiest, most entrenched politicians.

The videos must feature live footage of the candidate and the accompanying "stunt." You can't just be some douchebag on the corner with an "Abortion Kills" sign (Sheetz idiot every Wednesday in Woodsdale).

The ultimate goal is to break the political gridlock in Washington DC and the abuses inflicted by the utter dominance of the 2 party system.

The goal is a worthy one that should have great appeal in the recent age of youtube. It would particularly be embraced by the tea baggers who are disgusted with big government and are seeking REAL change. This would promote real and actual change by encouraging people to take action against life-long politicians.

In the future, I'll lay down very simple, specific scenarios which could be executed and destroy the political aspirations of some of the wealthiest, most entrenched politicians on both sides of the aisle.

...more to come. Trust me. I think I'm onto something.

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe I forgot - it is IMPERATIVE that the videos all have live footage that include the actual politician. This is vital to the site's credibility.