Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rick Perry poem

My father sent me this poem he wrote about Rick Perry.

Candidate Rick Perry

Of all the presidential candidates I’d like to bury
None comes close to Governor Rick Perry.
Unwanted pregnancies, he has clearly stated
Must never for any reason be terminated.
He doesn’t believe in the ecology or conservation.
Health coverage in Texas is the worst in the nation.
He’s very religious, though his prayers are in vain
He encourages all Texans to keep praying for rain.
“Evolution is a myth”, he states with defiance.
He puts his faith in faith and never on science.
He’s a great fund raiser, lots of corporate backing,
His speeches are inspired when Obama he’s attacking.
His foreign exposure has not been extensive
But at least his haircuts look expensive.
If you liked George Bush and voted for him twice
You should vote for Rick Perry, the hell with my advice.


As expected, the poem is a winner. Well done.
But it got me to thinking, just who's the most revolting of the Republican contenders. All are so beholden to the religious right, it sickens me. And even if they're not diehard churchies, then they feign conversion a la Gingrich. Yeah, he had a religious awakening. Sure! He's about as authentic as his wife Calissa's smile.

Bachmann thinks (or used to think) you can convert gay people. Now when asked about it, all she can say is "I am running to be the president for all Americans, both gay and straight." This is what her team calls "staying on message."

Santorum is the probably the biggest pro-lifer of them all. I think he'd probably support generous visitation rights for men who raped and managed to conceive. Not only would the woman be forced to have the baby, she would have to submit to conjugal prison visits. It's not the child's fault! The rapist has rights too.

Palin - probably don't need to go there. This blog entry is a quickie.

Herman Cain - Surely a black man stands a credible chance of being nominated. Maybe he'll select a member of the Log Cabin Republicans as his Vice Presidential nominee. What kind of delusional mushrooms are on this guy's pizza pie?

Paul - Why is it that the only sensible one comes across like he's griping and disoriented.

T-Paw - he's out. What a personality though!

which leads me to Mitt Romney. I think the Repubs should embrace this new urban nickname thang. Why not call him M-Rom??? Sounds just like Enron. I think someone might pick up on this. He's the unemployed multi-millionaire guy who never wears a tie. The crowd loves this guy on the stump... "M-Rom, M-Rom, We Want M-Rom, We Want M-Rom!"

Huntsman - why did this guy run in the first place? Honestly, he seems well-suited for high office. Why didn't someone tell him, "Hey dude, nobody knows who the fuck you are. It's just an inconvenient truth."

Chris Christie - Boy are you fat! (Jackie Gleason - I never heard the original. I saw Tony B. do an impression on The Sopranos)

Alright, needed a break. I've got other more important things to finish writing.

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Aidan said...

Your father's an ass ... just like his son.