Tuesday, March 27, 2018

How to Destroy the NRA... Parkland Style!

How to destroy the NRA, eh?  'Effin A!  I've written about this in the past.  And I plan to write about it in much greater detail.  In 2019.  Pump up the volume!  So here's the general template grounded in the recent 2018 "March for our Lives."  Parkland survivors, take note.

It's vital to assess reality here.  The NRA takes in about a half billion per year.  That's a sizeable sum, but in the scheme of things... meh.  Hell, all you gotta do is find a single Tom Steyer or George Soros.  They're out there.  And trust me, if you pull off my idea, they'll come knocking at your door, spamming your inbox, literally begging to jump on board.  In any event, this whole thing is about words, not money.  Emotion takes precedence over everything.  Because morality ultimately defeats $.  At least that should be the ethical consensus.

The superior way to damage the NRA is to split its membership into two distinct, separate camps.  The profiteers and politicians (which account for about 10%) vs. the commoners (90%).  You offer people an alternative.  Stir up an internal hornet's nest.  It's called divide and conquer.

The NRA thrives off its 5 million strong populist membership.  They pay about $40/yr.  But it's their numbers that matter.  Not the paltry revenue from yearly dues.  There's basically a core group of lobbyists, NRA leadership, foreign agitators and a few wealthy contributors.  These are the people at the top of the food chain.  But the bulk of the NRA is the 2nd Amendment faithful... women concerned for their personal safety, men protecting their homes and children, gun collectors and shooting range enthusiasts, and of course, the hunters.  These are the regular Joes.

A quick aside.  Does anyone recall Mitt Romney?  When asked on the campaign trail, "Sir, exactly what animals do you hunt?"  He confidently snapped back, "small game, varmints and such."  WTF! Classic.  Mitt is beyond the shit.  How can you bash Trump as a... a phony, a fraud, a con-artist... and then beg him for the Secretary of State position?  On multiple occasions, no less.  Oh, how the mighty Mitt has fallen.  Kinda figures that Utah will provide a safe rebound.  Mormonothons!  How I love thee, let me count the seer stones.  But I digress.  

Okay, breathe.  So whether you like it or not, these Parkland kids are now de facto celebrities.  It's either the "famed crisis actor" and "high school kid in his mid-20's" David Hogg.   Or Emma, the "skinhead lesbian" with a political "allegiance to Cuba."  Or the girl who threw up on live television.  Or the kid with an ostensibly thicker mane of Trump hair than orange fucko.  There's about 15-20 of them who've really stepped up.  I salute them.  But the main stars are likely Emma & David.

Now all the adult journalists, have said, and will continue to say, "You kids did a great job, but where do we go from here?  How do you sustain your mission and keep it relevant in the news cycle?  How do you make a real-world impact?  Because lemme tell ya something, the NRA ain't gonna to take this lying down.  They'll fight back.  So what's the plan?

Well, here's the game plan.  Have those two explain to their parents that they have a moral and patriotic obligation to forego their college plans.  Mom, Dad... we're going to change the world!  We're going to keep this movement a moooo-vin'.   We're gonna hit the road for the 2018 midterms.

Hit the road?  Yep, we're headin' out to the highway (Halford style).  For the love of Judas! 

Personally speaking, I call this "takin' it to the streets."

Emma and David, and their fellow classmates, and some regional politicians, and maybe a few intermittent celebs... are gonna flood the arena circuit.  Very much like Trans-Siberian Orchestra.  A big, flashy tour in a tight, limited time frame.  Major coliseums all across the country.  But instead of pro-Christmas, metalized, lit-up religion, you'll be getting a heavy dose of anti-NRA propaganda.  Everyone from the local community gets a chance to stand up and share their stories about gun violence and how it has impacted their lives.  Ordinary residents are vital.  Because they're authentic.  A superior representation of the crowd.  Plus, friends and family will come to support them.  Then, you close it out with the tv superstars. 

The length of the tour should be 2 months total.  Always commence the day after Labor Day.  This year, it's September 4, 2018... til election day on November 6, 2018.  50-60 gigs should be sufficient, to adequately cover the country.  Anymore would be overkill.  Start in the East and gradually migrate out West.  All wraps up in early November.  Like a just-in-time inventory crusade right before the election.

The main priority is to visit all those major cities with House & Senate seats in purple states.  Bombard the tight races in swing districts.  But keep in mind, there must ALWAYS be a 50-state strategy.  You cannot dismiss the deep South and midwest and expect to ultimately succeed.  You gotta demonstrate that you're willing to preach in the breadbasket of the Lord. 

As I was sayin', lots of arenas across this great land.  These one-night events are designed to pay homage to the victims of gun violence.  Pretty much everyone knows someone who has been killed by a gun.  And even if you don't, you still know someone personally impacted.  You can broaden it a little, to include domestic violence and mental health and suicide, but the overriding focus should be specific... gun violence.  And more importantly...

A federal ban on the AR-15.  This is the benchmark for success.

You need to go after a specific device because of all the nuances and irregularities in the gun industry.  This clip, that magazine, safety mechanisms, hollow point bullets, tracer ammunition, etc.  There's just too many variables.  Too easy to get bogged down in the details.  You need to send a message that "this specific weapon, and those of comparable or greater firepower, is where the new line will be drawn."

For the love of Worf, I've never seen Picard so pissed.

You need to focus on weapons that discharge at a high capacity and have no other viable use, except for, of course, the enjoyment derived from the firing of the weapon itself.  I think most reasonable human beings would forego the thrill obtained from firing an AR-15, if you could convince them that their sacrifice could save innocent lives. 

Some key talking points for the "March for our Lives."  Naturally, we'll do ten.

1.  To all you politicians.  Yeah, you can keep your indiscriminate killing machines.  But that blood money from the gun lobby's going to cost you your congressional office or Senate seat.  We're putting you on notice, you're gonna get booted the fuck out.  Enjoy those weapons while you got 'em... you bought and paid for pieces of sadistic shit.

2.  Take over the existing term #MarchMadness.  Yeah, sure the NCAA will hate your guts.  Too bad!  This is about causing disruption and mayhem.  The financial interests of the NCAA can take a backseat.  While you're at it, co-opt #MarchForLife.  Screw the pro-life fanatics.  Last time I checked, hashtags are ripe for the taking. You get the gist.  Saturate social media.

3.  Ya wanna know something?  It's crazy, but guns are a lot like pornography.  It's okay to buy a gun.  It's okay to shoot a gun.  But you're not allowed to go out on the town and commit indiscriminate slaughter.  Same thing's true with pornography.  It's legal.  You can buy it, sell it, use it, whatever.  But it's against the law to pillage and plunder with some kind of "marauding gangbang rape crew." 

I repeat.  You're not allowed to shoot-up a school of first graders.  Contrarily, you're not allowed to behave like a Roman Catholic priest, molesting mass quantities of children and scarring them for life.  The correlation on this one is big.  Because it highlights a deeper analogy that most people have never considered.  And once it's in your head, you can't go back.  The concept resonates.  Don't shy away from the guns & pornography analogy.  It's a winner.

4.  We're here to establish a legitimate, credible alternative to the National Rifle Association.  A new group.  We'll call it the RGO (Responsible Gun Owners).  This is fundamental to the divide and conquer strategy.  If you want to strike true fear into the hearts of Wayne LaPierre and Dana Loesch, look no further.  Nothing terrifies them more than the potential for an NRA splinter faction, peeling apart from their base.

Hey, it's okay to own a gun.  We respect the Second Amendment.  But it was our friends whose bodies were shredded beyond visual recognition.  These killing machines have no place in a civil society.  We have no qualms with hunters.  But we do have qualms with human hunters.

5.  Occasionally use the weapons of mass destruction analogy.  Citizens aren't allowed to buy fertilizer in mass quantity.  Or construct homemade bombs.  Or weaponize anthrax.  Where do you draw the line?

Focus on the Sandy Hook and Vegas massacres.  So far, those are the ones that really defy sanity.  Ask the crowd, what's it going to take until there's significant government action?  Do we really need someone to light up a maternity ward or one of those Make-A-Wish children's hospitals or a veteran's funeral?  Oh yeah, we know what it would take.  We know the truth.  Someone would have to shoot up Congress.  Then, and only then, the cowardly politicians would act.  When it's their lives that were summarily terminated.  Hint: a child can get away with saying this stuff.  An adult... not so much.     

6.  Stick with the youth model.  Make a concerted effort to keep the median age of the speaker under the age of 18.  It just makes for a less rehearsed, spontaneous conversation.  Plus, if you're underage, you can get away with more.  The courts have more difficulty holding kids accountable for their actions.  In this case, slander.  This is a tremendous, often overlooked advantage.  Special interest groups that demonize high school kids and children?  C'mon, Man!

7.  Challenge the gratuitous offering of "thoughts and prayers."  No explanation warranted.  No mercy.  No more god bullshit and that atrocious "the Lord needed him in heaven" excrement!  Use some common sense.  That shit is patently embarrassing and highly offensive.

8.  Focus on the fringe element positions of the NRA.  They want people on terrorist watch lists and no-fly lists to be able to purchase weapons.  Does this make sense?  They think you should be allowed to buy an AR-15, but not a single, watered-down Bud Light.  Does this make sense?  No background checks for people with felonies and a history of mental illness.  Does this make sense?  Make sure to include a list of big pharma companies and anti-psychotic medications.  Name names.  Be specific. 

9.  Keep everything affordable.  ALL payments and routine contributions at the level of $20.  Never any more, never any less.  It's half the cost of a yearly NRA membership.  And it'll be the standard entry fee to all major arena events. 

10.  Make sure people realize that this arena "March Madness" tour (held in Sept/Oct/Nov) will be held in perpetuity.  It's here to stay.

That pretty much covers the major themes.

But #10 is the be all, end all.  This anti-gun tour must be perpetual.  Twice every four years, coinciding with the midterms and the presidential race.  If people want to branch out and do it more often... at smaller venues.  Well, that's up to them.  But the system's continuity, and I know this sounds incorrigible, relies on producing new victims.  And yes, I know this sounds demoralizing, but there will always be new victims.  Keep the speakers fresh and young.  Close every event with a "the time has come to pass the torch" theme.   

Another critical factor is keeping the movement DECENTRALIZED.  You do not want a figurehead, a single spokesperson or CEO at the top.  Because that particular representative will inevitably be attacked and marginalized.  It could even be someone as beloved as Tom Hanks or Jimmy Carter.  Doesn't matter.  It needs to be this perpetual grassroots movement, specifically tailored to persist and overcome.  It must be "we the people."

Every two years, March Madness will spawn a new group of leaders who've been victimized by mass shootings and random gun violence.  Like I was saying, those in charge will pass the torch... to a new and different crew of activists.  The theory being... as long as there are mass killings in the United States (and unfortunately, there always will be.  This problem will not magically disappear), a new group of faces will forge onward.  The tour never ends.

Those are the basics. Get it?  Any questions, call me.


Please note:  This article was an appetizer.  If you're ready for the main entree... how to prevent the next 9/11 --- indiscriminate killing WITHOUT conventional weapons, check my site.

agsaf.org (Artificially Generated Stampede Awareness Foundation)


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What a bogus site! All it contains is bullshit, written by a liberal crap weasel. Don't waste your time here.

Anonymous said...

Did it make you feel big to insult a religious group and just about everyone else you could think of while you rambled on. You do know that you are a bigot don’t you? Look it up. I agree with Robert Moffatt.

Unknown said...

Blogger is a cosmic fuckstick. Thanks for the laugh tho little boi

Anonymous said...

Will this work with planned parenthood too?

Anonymous said...

What's comically ironic --- eventually people will decide to make their own guns (3D Printers) when it becomes more convenient and cost effective. Then, the NRA will go crying to the U.S. government. These guns must be banned! They're not safe! They're dangerous! People could get hurt.

Always be on the watchout for inevitable. SAF

Anonymous said...

I am a 3rd generation Texan, and part American Native Indian, if that means a GD thing. If I remember right the Thirteen Colonies was formed by refugees that came from Europe to escape Tyrannical governments. I am sick and tired of hearing about the 2nd Amendment, protests from lame brain teenagers that all they know is a fucking Social Media source to use to post pornography and what ever else they can think of.
How did guns get to this country in the first place, all you GD people that are of European decent can blame your ancestors because they are the ones that brought guns and whiskey and traded it to the Indians, it is a known fact that Alcoholism exists among the Indians today, and they are kept on reservations like cattle and treated about the same if not worse.
Who killed off the Buffalo into extinction, the fucking white man because the Indians killed only what they needed for food and clothes.
This fucking blog was written by a real piece of crap.