Friday, March 09, 2018

Stormy Daniels Parody

They're real. And they're spectacular. Yeah, right!

Every time I hear the media mention the name Stormy Daniels, it evokes the tone and tenor of Don Ho's "Tiny Bubbles."  I can't believe no one else sees it.  I want to live in a world where everyone croons the name "Store... me... Dan... yules."  In an Aldi's.  In a Kroger's.  In a Walmart's.  Could be Rachel Maddow.  Could be Sean Hannity.  Could be Wolf Blitzer.   It does not matter.  Conservative, liberal, right, left, Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, whatever.  Someone really needs to step up and mainstream this shit.

So here's a link to an original Don Ho performance - Hollywood Palace 1967.

He omits the final 4 lines.  Fortunately, the lyrics and syllable progression are consistent with the Dead's Not Fade Away.  It's a nice fit.  Naturally, this is known as a Stormy Daniels > NFA.  A great way to close out any performance.  Get that crowd feedback going.  And then reemerge for a lone encore.

If you can't see what I'm talking about, you have no business here on this blog.

Tiny Bubbles (original lyrics)

Tiny bubbles (tiny bubbles)
In the wine (in the wine)
Make me happy (make me happy)
Make me feel fine (make me feel fine)
Tiny bubbles (tiny bubbles)
Make me warm all over
With a feeling that I'm gonna
Love you till the end of time
So here's to the golden moon
And here's to the silver sea
And mostly here's a toast
To you and me
So here's to the ginger lei
I give to you today
And here's a kiss
That will not fade away

Stormy Daniels (the sonofspoof)

Stormy Daniels (Stormy Daniels)
She's so fine (she's so fine)
Hair not nappy (hair not nappy)
I'll make her mine (I'll make her mine)
Stormy Daniels (Stormy Daniels)
I rode and drove her
In the bedroom and the sauna
Upon her body I climb
Here's to her bushy trimmed poon
And to her va-gine-er-ree
I became so engrossed
Paid you a fee
One hundred thirty I paid
no matter what you say
you know our love
(love) will not fade away (bop, bop... bop, bop)

So... if you happen to know any high profile journalist or media personality, please share.  This whole lawsuit/arbitration escapade has legs.  The story will endure.  All I'm asking is for a little Stormy Daniels with my morning coffee.  Is that really asking too much?  Hmm, maybe I should switch to Sanka.


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