Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dick Morris

Well, I just back from a Dick Morris symposium at West Liberty. He had a book signing as well. I decided to get him to sign my DINOSUAR poster from the failed Sarah Palin rally. At first, he looked at it and seemed a little bewildered. Then I explained my angle and he said, "Whhoooaaaa, I get it. You know, Sarah Palin is a personal friend of mine, but I really like your sign." He signed it...

...and extinct. But not in politics. - Dick Morris

I'm going to frame it and hang it up along with some handouts from the Palin rally and maybe a copy of my poem. Make the whole thing into a collage of sorts.
Morris spoke for a straight hour. He talked mainly about his experiences in the early years of the Clinton administration and his admiration for Obama, as well as his skepticism. He thinks McCain should have opposed the bailout - might have helped him swing the electorate his way. He thinks Obama will win it and is very concerned about the devastating affects of universal health coverage for illegal aliens and he's worried Obama will raise taxes across the board, not just on family households taking in 250,000 or more a year. Nonetheless, he thought it would be great for the world, if the U.S. were to elect a black president. He said it would be a great day in the history of the United States. Then, regrettably, he'll take office. He did make a humorous comment about how if Obama had chosen Hillary to be his running mate, he should take out an extensive life insurance policy. All in all, great lecture. Very informative.

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