Monday, October 13, 2008

radio show appearance

Well, I just got done with my appearance on Steve Novotney's AM 1600 radio show. It lasted about 45 minutes. I was a little nervous at first and then everything eased up and it became a bit more converstaional. We touched on a variety of topics - the dinosaur attack strategy at the Palin pep rally, my contempt for the religious right, the failures of the Bush administration, why I dislike McCain/Palin and of course the anti-Palin poem. I must admit, I'm not accustomed to spontaneously airing my opinions and justifying them in a studio-like setting. Fortunately, no hardball questions arose and I thought I was a little self-deprecating. So I don't think I came across as pompous - maybe a little bit nutty. But hey, read the Safertsein FAQ; I've always been a little nutty. Certainly by Ohio County standards; Hell, if you go by community standards, I'm a fucking raving lunatic of sorts.
The only caller was LeBiz who basically cheered me on (kind of ironic - for one brief moment I know what Sarah Palin must have felt like as the throng cheered her on). I thought Heather's call-in speech was strong. It helped reassure me a little - thank you LeBiz. The only odd moment for me came as the show ended. Steve asked me for the specifics of what CHANGE would entail in an Obama administration. I rambled indecisively about the war and the economy. Reflecting back on this, I could have done better and/or spoken with more clarity. But all in all, I thought I did alright. If you heard it, feel free to comment. Especially if you thought I sucked - but just make sure to explain why I sucked. Hence, I'll understand the nature of my sucking. Sucked.


Jenny and Matt said...

Saf,I only heard part of your bit but what I heard was pretty good. You should think about working up a good definition of change and sending it to Novotney. That's one of his big things this campaign - he asks Obama supporters to define change and if they can't do a good enough job to suit him he ridicules them and somehow tries to tie that to making Obama look bad.

sonofsaf said...

Yeah, I wasn't ready for the most basic question of them all. Definitely a a valid question though. Honestly, I thought he could have been way more aggressive.
In retrospect, I might send in the Change definition - good idea.