Thursday, November 10, 2011

Why the demise of the Washington Redskins

I had a hunch the Washington Redskins would bite the dust this season.  They started strong at 3-1, but have quickly faltered.  Historically, I've been a fan of head coach Mike Shanahan.  As the Broncos head coach, he was the perfect blend of "players coach" and "management coach."  That would explain the multiple Superbowl runs.  But when I heard he appointed his son Kyle Shanahan as the new Redskins offensive coordinator, I just knew it was a bad idea.  Engaging in nepotism, particularly under the spotlight of the nation's capitol AND at the top of rungs of the NFL ladder, is a patently bad idea.

Any head coach who brings in their son to run the offense or defense isn't doing the team any favors.  To speculate that out of the hundreds of NFL football coordinators, coaches and assistants - the best, ultimate choice is "my son" - doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense from a rational, percentages perspective.  Not to mention the thousands of choices from the collegiate ranks.  When things go bad, and at some point they always do, people look to point fingers.  This leads to accusations and firings.  When daddy is faced with the possibility of firing his own son, the press will have a field day.  The surrounding chaos and distractions will irreparably damage the team.  And the circus atmosphere would parallel the recent PSU (Pennsylvania Sodomizers Union) situation. 

Following Bill Cowher's departure, many Steelers fans were upset that neither Ken Whisenhunt (then offensive coordinator) nor Russ Grimm (offensive line coach) weren't chosen by Rooney.  I'll make my point again.  To just assume that the best possible head coaching option has "miraculously been right under our nose the whole time" is incredibly naive.  Fortunately, they ventured outside the division (and conference) and went with Mike Tomlin.  I likes Mikey.

This is the same reasoning that makes Jerry Jones (Dall-Ass Cowchicks owner) such a joke.  Oh my god, someone is going to poach our "wonderkind" offensive coordinator Jason Garrett.  Obviously, he's the best possible choice for the new head coach.  He's "one of us."  He's the hottest commodity.  Cowboy blood is coursing through his veins.  We must ink him asap.   I'm a little surprised that Jerry Jones never considered Rick Perry.  He'd make a fine head coach and commander-in-chief for that matter.  Uhhh, uhhh (53 second pause).... OOPS.  Well, maybe not.

It's comical how football teams with the biggest ownership egos (like Daniel Snyder, Jerry Jones) are so susceptible to this.  All that money, all that swagger... it will never stop you from screwing up the most important decisions.  Human ego - ultimately responsible for the collapse of humanity.

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Three things:
1. The standard is the standard in football.
2. Education.
3. I can't remember what this was supposed to be.