Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Top 10 "theoretically public dumpsters" in Wheeling, WV

Top 10 "theoretically public dumpsters" in Wheeling, WV

10.  Stoney Hollow Tire in Martins Ferry.  Technically across the river in Ohio, but I have my reasons.

9.  Overlook Terrace apartments.  Discreet brick-walled coverage in a pleasant Wheeling Park atmosphere.

8.  Oglebay Village/Wheeling Station.  Wide open mayhem in an unpleasant Oglebay Park suburb.

7.  Wheeling Jesuit University - "Your Dumping Begins Right Here!"

6.  Long John Silvers dumpster was once the recipient of a human being involved in a fight outside the 19th Ho.  Someone allegedly yelled, "It's time to take out the trash!"

5.  Exxon at the end of Washington Avenue.  If they can spill oil, we can dump trash.

4.  The Mull Mansion.  Nice entry way. 

3.  Vacant mud-filled lot next to the McDonald's drive-thru in Whorewood.

2.  Back to Ohio.  Anywhere in Bell-Dirty!

1.  Anywhere in Triadelphia a/k/a Tri-Dirty!

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