Friday, September 23, 2011

Food Fighters / ND at Pitt / LSU at WVU

In a couple of hours, Gig and I will venture into uncharted territory.  We will attempt to go to 3 prominent concert/sporting events in less than a 24 hour period.  But our journey will be an unusual one because we'll try to hit all three at no cost.  I'm labeling this a "Three for Free" or "3 FO NO."

Foo Fighters is in a few hours at Consol.  So we're heading down to the arena staging area after an all-new Murray paternity testing episode (I checked and sure enough, it's a baby momma, baby daddy show).  Technically speaking, you could include this daytime drama and our project would be called a "Fo... Fo Sho."

Then, tomorrow it will be back to back nationally televised college football games.  I can't fathom the prospect of seeing 2 in one day.  Logistically, it's just not something that is ever possible.  BUT, and it is indeed a mammoth Butt (comparable to the buttocks of a morbidly obese baby on Maury), the Pitt game is at noon and the WVU game is at 8pm.  Just enough time to git it.

There's still tix avaliable for the Food Fighters, WVU is completely sold-out and the last time Pitt played Notre Dame it was a sell-out.  But it's all irrelevant anyway because we refuse to pay for shit.  I'll report back the results after the weekend has come to a close.  I'm interested to see how we fare.

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Anonymous said...

Technically, it will be more than 24 hours since the concert and wvu game times have the same time slot 1 day apart.