Thursday, September 29, 2011

What if Obama bows out in 2012?

I was watching Dick Morris on the O' Reilly hour last night.  While I don't get much in the way of news or insight from Bill, I am a big fan of Dick.  This might sound homo-erotic, but trust me, it's just a coincidence.  Dick Morris is usually spot-on with his political predictions.   I think having been on both sides of the political aisle played a critical role.  The guy just knows D.C. and how it works.  And just as important, he knows the media.  Fuck that, he IS the media.

Morris said he thought there was a possibility that Obama wouldn't run in 2012.  I never even fathomed of this possibility....until now.  If he were to bow out of the race, he could focus the rest of his term on jobs and his liberal agenda.  Plus, it would be the most magnanimous, selfless gesture in the history of politics, the United States and basically mankind.  Think about it - a black man handing over the reigns of power to a white woman (obviously Hillary would slide right in even though she'd have to go through the primary).  Such a move would transcend the political process itself, especially with all the current partisan sniping which has irreparably damaged Congress. Whether you like Obama or not, everyone would have to admit that he was willing to sacrifice his personal glory for a greater moment in humanity.  Brilliant!  It would be the ultimate gesture, unmatched in the annals of politics.  

Plus, he could use the final year of his presidency to further push his agenda (health care, jobs, civil rights, etc.).  The Republicans are trying to own the jobs issue.  And rightly so.  As the economy continues to decline, jobs will always be a core issue for the foreseeable future.    Whether or not you think "socialized" health care is a good idea, everyone must admit that it was a milestone achievement to ram Obamacare through congress.  His people knew it would eventually be challenged in the courts, as it should considering it's landmark legislation.  But he could focus on getting things done, or more likely, marginalizing the Republicans to look like worthless obstructionists.  He wouldn't purposely do this, but it would be the end result.  Considering all the "class warfare" rhetoric, it would bring some much needed "balance" to the political debate.  Obama seems like he's heading in this direction with his recent populist approach.  Reminds me of the angry "we can do better" Al Gore campaign of 2000.  But with Obama it's different.  He could make all this work.  

And I get the sense he's had enough of the Washington bullshit.  Just maybe he would seek a return to normalcy.  And don't dismiss his desire to avoid assassination on the end of some fanatic's bullet.  I can't even fathom how many death threats he gets from the Secret Service.  I think Obama knows he could do far more good if he assumed a Bill Clinton type post-presidency role.  If Obama were to be reelected president for 4 more years (2012-16), it's likely he won't be able to get anything meaningful done.  The atmosphere is way too toxic.  He knows this.   Hell, the guy's smarter than Rick Perry.  Best to let Hillary (more detail-oriented) deal with the complexities of health care, the economy and trying to wind down the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere.  She would relish the opportunity.  And he could still use the power and backing of the presidency and Air Force One to campaign for her.  As Perry, Bachmann, Gingrich, dark pizza-man, assorted Mormonathons and the other Santora-morons bicker, squabble and seek division... the Democrats look like they're "above all that pettiness."  A great tactical move setting the stage for future elections.

But the most important aspect, he'll have "gone out on top."  Learn the lessons of Seinfeld - don't overstay your welcome.  Obama would always have claim to this status as "the only president to have stepped aside for the good of the country."  Of course, the Republicans/Fox News will spin it as "he's a quitter" or just wasn't "wasn't up to the task" or "just couldn't take the heat."  But most would see right through that line of reasoning.  And he could always say he wants to spend more time with his family - that always works.  He'd make a ton more money if he wrote a book about it.  Hell, doesn't the presidency only pay 400K per year + perks?  And for the love of God, what about the lecture circuit?  Don't forget the Harvard law review angle.  Major cash.

I think Dick Morris might really be onto something.  That leaves us with Hillary vs. Mitt - an epic political brawl for 2012.  And Obama would finally achieve this "mythical" Christ-like status which actually does suit him.  It's like Obama committed political crucifixion (voluntarily stepping down for the betterment of the nation, despite his aspirations of maintaining power).  Obama "died for the sins of Congress."  It would be an interesting lesson for the world to see,  especially from the universal perspective of democracy vs. tyranny.  Think about it.  This is how a democracy CAN function.  Obama is the modern day equivalent of Jesus.  He'd have to grow the hair out though.  Some kind of 1970's NBA Christ-fro.  Not kewl.

Since I mentioned Rick Perry, I might as well come clean.  There's a $2,500 a plate private fundraiser tonight at the White Palace tonight.  I'm going to make a sign that has a "Pic of Rick" on it and says...


I'll go with the dollar sign instead of an "A."  It actually makes a grander statement and I don't wish to violate the rigorous community standards of Wheeling.  I wonder what will become of me.  I'll walk over there (no car).  I'll get Gig to bring her camera.  I'll dress nice but won't be carrying any identification.  The last time I checked, you don't need to carry your id while walking in public. 

I love the idea of everyone sitting in the White Palace talking about that guy with the sign.  Not a good "rate of return on your dinner investment."  Hey, it's his own fault.  The Texan belt-buckled asshole shouldn't have come to a public community park.  Should have had it at Ernie's Esquire.  Tough call.  The food sucks at both venues.  Although I imagine they'll bring in an outside caterer.  Maybe he could do a Texas themed "burgers and dogs" like George Bush used to do.  Yee-haw.

Alright, this shindig is set for 5pm.  I just jogged over there and outside the lower ballroom it said

Private Party 
Closed at 5pm

A. It's their own fault.  Should have had this nonsense on private property.  Maybe somewhere deep on the Nutting compound.

B. Should have had a Texas themed lunch instead.  Plenty of baked beans and neo-con slaw.  Perhaps Rick Perry is a natural extension of my contempt for Texas Roadhouse-type restaurants.  I do like Outback though, but they're pseudo-Australian.  


sonofsaf said...

And what's up with this "disguised" Michelle Obama shopping at the local Target. Hmmm, sounds like they're laying the groundwork for a "we all just crave a return to normalcy."

Yeah right!

sonofsaf said...

And today they just unveiled the Obama strategy of targeting Nevada, Virginia and Colorado. He's "ignoring" the rust belt states (PA, OH, and WI). Why? Because he knows Hill-Dog is a lock for those states. Obama's going to expend his political capital in the redder swing states. Expect some action in NC too. I think he'll pass on hispanic flavored FL and AZ until they determine that Marco Rubio is NOT the Republican VP.

Carrie said...

I heard a while ago that he might not run again and I actually thought it might really happen, but then he's been hitting the trail hot and heavy, so I figured he was going for 2. It would be very interesting if he did step aside....another history making event.

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