Monday, November 07, 2011

Quoth the Ravens

I am relatively disgusted with the Steelers loss in the Sunday night game.  I can only take some degree of solace in knowing I didn't head up.  And while I reap a little satisfaction in the fact that plenty of chump fans dished out insane amounts of cash, it's just not enough.  So yesterday, I made these diminutive protest signs to help alleviate my pain and suffering.  As always, they both employ my trademark "hidden meaning lift-up."

And yes, the correct old English term is "Quoth" not "Quote."  I particularly like the dangling "S" on the end of Ravens.  It has a certain degree of mechanical sophistication.

And of course this next one is timeless...

I'm seriously contemplating making signs for all 32 NFL teams.  This would probably serve as the underlying template for the next book.  The purpose of the signs would be 2-fold.  The first objective is to offer up a unique slogan or humorous quip designed to help a person score a free ticket.  The second goal is to mock or ridicule specific players.  Along that same line, coaches, ownership and/or the team's brand would also be targeted.  I'll need to do one division per day.  I'm going after all 32 NFL teams, with one glaring exception.  The Steelers will obviously be omitted.  It just wouldn't be right.  Too bad, considering the ample yinzer material.  If you have any strong ideas for specific teams, please shoot me an email.

I'm also considering a similar concept for all sitting U.S. Senators and Governors.  I consider it payback for all the corruption.  The timing has never been more appropriate.  With the NFL, it's more about lambasting the greed of the players and ownership.  I'll probably do a bunch for the Cowboys and Jerry Jones. 

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sonofsaf said...

Screw the whole "free ticket" angle. That will quickly get stale and repetitive.
The signs need to be on the derogatory side. Who gets to set the standard for what is deemed inappropriate or offensive. Some douchebag stadium worker? The same one that just felt up my crotch?

Anything that relates to the city (famous tourist attractions, restaurants, rivers, politicians, congested roads, etc.) is fair game. Not only would the opposing sign wielding fan rip on the specific team, he'd be attacking the very essence of the hometown and its people!

This relates incredibly well to the last book - stadium security, freedom of speech issues and seemingly minor systempunkts (disruptions). And tarnishing the most cherished brand names and heavily marketed images. This is right up my fucking alley, or my neighbor's phony "private" driveway, if you will.

I'm not concerned about the Senators and Governors. Maybe someday. Plus, any negative comments attributed to them could be better incorporated in the NFL team bashing agenda.