Wednesday, November 29, 2023

#2217. Mark Green

According to Liz Cheney, Congressman Mark Green (R-TN) refers to Donald Trump as "Orange Jesus."

When House Republicans were compelled to sign a statement regarding election fraud in 2020, Green said... "Oh, the things we do for the Orange Jesus."

E-gad!  For the love of Maude.

I'd prefer it if he would have said, "Oh, the things we do for the Orange Prolapse."

Dare to dream.





Mark Green

"Orange Jesus from Mar-a-Lago, yeah, he's a piece of shit, he ain’t a damn king" said Mark Green."

Green Beans
Animal Collective

“Ya he’s a fucking big weirdo, yeah, he hates chocolate, he hates everything but green beans"


Less than 1% of my parodies consist of dialogue straight outta the movies.  An honest admission: I have absolutely no idea what the fuck this is, what it represents, or why it even exists.  As the Orange Prolapse would say... SAD!

Feel free to substitute my non-copyrighted/trademarked Donald Trump nickname into the title.  

"Orange Prolpase from Mar-a-Lago, he's a piece of shit, he ain’t a damn king" said Mark Green.

If that makes you happy, so be it.  

But Saf, does it make you happy?  Uh no.  Crappy... not happy.

The Big Lie 100: (#1357)

#2216.  For Trump

#2217.  Mark Green

Please do not share this material with Mark Green (R-TN) and/or former President Donald J. Trump.


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