Monday, November 20, 2023

#2198. Alina

Alina Habba, the Orange Prolapse's attorney, showed up at Madison Square Garden last week.  She was sporting an FBJ necklace (Fuck Joe Biden).  Not pictured yet persistently rumored... was a limited edition "Let's Go Brandon" butt plug stuck deep in her ass.


While back in court, Judge Erdogan asked her to explain the meaning of the acronym.  Habba responded, "Your honor, it means Foundation for the Junior Blind, a non-profit organization based in California."

Steelers lost in Cleveland yesterday 13-10.  But the memory remains.

Is it any wonder this Habba cunt represents Donald J. Trump... a/k/a The Ultimate Dump?




Donald Trump is gay
Forty-five display
Carried away?
Always a boaster
Wife is a hot twat
Coup d’etat was sweet
Never got caught, never got caught

Alina, Habba’s a baby
Alina, Habba’s a clown
Alina, Alina

Jew Jew she ain’t fine
Ivanka her crime
McDonald’s she’ll dine
Throwin’ up dumb cunt
Albino is pale
Kushner’s a Jew
Daughter wife blah
Butt some incest too, incest too

Nothin’ matters anyhow
Coup is a fucking crime
The seven deadly sins
Lake Tahoe party time
Basket full of lotion
All the Proud Boys wild and free
And no more compromisin’
Joe Biden’s the enemy

Fake news but maybe
Bobby is cheesy
Trump is a boaster
Carried away
Donald’s a boaster
Wife is a hot twat
Coup d’etat was sweet
Never got caught

Alina, take a shit maybe
Alina, Habba clown’s easy
Alina, syndrome of the down
Alina, Habba’s a clown

Do not disavow
Fuck Joe Biden and see
Price you’re gonna pay is stiff
Democrat enemy
Trump will keep on hating
About Horseface nudity
Bagel with schmear the cream cheese scorn
And kosher deli meat

Grateful Dead

Dog of a Monday
Get it back someday
What'd I say?
Moving in closer
Cut from a long shot
Fade on a downbeat
Ready or not, ready or not

Corrina, shake it up baby
Corrina, shake it up now
Corrina, Corrina

Cruise through a stop sign
Logging up short time
Bird on a phone line
Soaking up the sun
Salt on the crow tail
What can I do?
I'm down by law
But I'm true to you, true to you

If, what, when and where and how
Told at the proper time
Big black wings beat on the wind
But they don't hardly climb
There's a silver ocean
Silver clouds on a silver sea
A bird on the horizon
Silver winging back to me

Wake it up baby
Shake it down easy
Bring it in closer
What'd I say
Moving in closer
Cut from a long shot
Fade on a down beat
Ready or not

Corrina, wake it up baby
Corrina, shake it down easy
Corrina, shake it on up now
Corrina, shake it back down

If, what, where and how
Don't mean a thing to me
I would love you even if
You flew away from me
I'll just stand here waiting
On the far side of the sea
There is no fear that lovers born
Can ever fail to meet

Challenging parody.  Quick choppy lyrics don't give you much to work with.  But hey, I did it a modicum of justice.  Personally speaking, I always liked this tune.  Particularly the customary 2nd set segue into Drumz.  Never understood why so many disparaged the song.  Then again, there's plenty of haters out there.  Even amongst the hippies.



From 1969 to 1995, the original version of the OG Dead played the Burgh a grand total of 19 times.

Grateful Dead:

04-08-89, Riverfront Coliseum, Cincinnati, OH
10-22-89, Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte, NC
07-08-90, Three Rivers Stadium, Pittsburgh, PA
09-07-90, Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland, OH
09-08-90, Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland, OH
03-18-91, Capital Centre, Landover, MD
03-20-91, Capital Centre, Landover, MD
03-21-91, Capital Centre, Landover, MD
06-09-91, Buckeye Lake Music Center, Hebron, OH
06-14-91, RFK Stadium, Washington, D.C.
06-21-91, Soldier Field, Chicago, IL
06-24-91, Sandstone Amphitheatre, Bonner Springs, KS
09-04-91, Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland, OH
09-05-91, Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland, OH
09-06-91, Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland, OH
06-06-92, Rich Stadium, Orchard Park, NY
06-08-92, Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland, OH
06-09-92, Richifeld Coliseum, Cleveland, OH
06-11-92, Knickerbocker Arena, Albany, NY
06-12-92, Knickerbocker Arena, Albany, NY
06-14-92, Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ
06-15-92, Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ
06-17-92, Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte, NC
06-18-92, Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte, NC
06-20-92, RFK Stadium, Washington, D.C.
06-22-92, Star Lake Amphitheatre, Burgettstown, PA
06-23-92, Star Lake Amphitheatre, Burgettstown, PA
06-25-92, Soldier Field, Chicago, IL
06-26-92, Soldier Field, Chicago, IL
07-01-92, Buckeye Lake Music Center, Hebron, OH
03-14-93, Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland, OH
03-17-93, Capital Centre, Landover, MD
03-18-93, Capital Centre, Landover, MD
06-11-93, Buckeye Lake Music Center, Hebron, OH
06-18-93, Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland, OH
06-21-93, Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, IN
06-22-93, Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, IN
09-09-93, Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland, OH
09-10-93, Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland, OH
03-20-94, Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland, OH
03-21-94, Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland, OH
07-29-94, Buckeye Lake Music Center, Hebron, OH
03-17-95, The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA
06-30-95, Three Rivers Stadium, Pittsburgh, PA
07-02-95, Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, IN

Bob Weir / Dead & Company
Bob Weir, 7-19-91, I.C. Light Amphitheatre, Pittsburgh, PA
Bob Weir, 8-31-92, I.C. Light Amphitheatre, Pittsburgh, PA
Ratdog & Phil Lesh, 7-18-01, Polaris Amphitheater, Columbus, OH
Ratdog & Rusted Root, 8-12-01, Post Gazette Pavilion, Burgettstown, PA
The Other Ones, 11-29-02, Mellon Arena, Pittsburgh, PA
The Dead, Bob Dylan, 8-6-03, Germain Amphitheater, Columbus, OH
Dead & Company, 11-13-15, Nationwide Arena, Columbus, OH
Dead & Company, 8-13-16, First Niagara Pavilion, Burgettstown, PA
Dead & Company, 6-15-17, KeyBank Pavilion, Burgettstown, PA
Dead & Company, 6-28-17, Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Dead & Company, 6-20-18, Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Dead & Company, 7-5-19, Folsom Field, Boulder, CO
Dead & Company, 7-6-19, Folsom Field, Boulder, CO
Dead & Company, 8-28-21, Hershey Stadium, Hershey, PA
Dead & Company, 9-7-21, Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Dead & Company, 7-12-22, The Pavilion at Star Lake, Burgettstown, PA
Dead & Company, 6-1-23, Coastal Credit Union Park at Walnut Creek, Raleigh, NC
Dead & Company, 6-3-23, Jiffy Lube Pavilion, Bristow, VA
Dead & Company, 6-5-23, The Pavilion at Star Lake, Burgettstown, PA

The Big Lie 100: (#1350)

#1938.  Amanda Chase (Leather and Lace --- Stevie Nicks)

#1939.  Wagner Group (Chicken Soup --- Skrillex)

#1940.  Wagner Group (Chicken Soup --- Saint Etienne)

#1941.  Donald Trump Is Not A King (Money Changes Everything --- Cyndi Lauper)

#1942.  Will Hurd (Songbird --- Fleetwood Mac)

#1943.  Trump Is Gay (Trip Away --- Jane's Addiction)

#1944.  Transgender (Surrender --- Natalie Taylor)

#1945.  Robert Bowers (After Hours --- Boz Scaggs)

#1946.  Transgender (Surrender --- Cheap Trick)

#1947.  Mercenary (Virgin Mary --- Joan Baez)

#1948.  Bacon's Fucking You (Breaking Us In Two --- Joe Jackson)

#1949.  Donald Ain't White (Feelin' Alright --- Joe Cocker)

#1950.  Trump's A Cunt (Born To Run --- Bruce Springsteen)

#1951.  Orange Prolapse Fart (Call To Your Heart --- Giuffria)

#1952.  Robert Bowers (Kilburn Towers --- Bee Gees)

#1953.  Is An Asshole (Antisocial --- Anthrax)

#1954.  Walt Nauta (Saltwater --- Julian Lennon)

#1955.  Gay Donald (Hey Stoopid --- Alice Cooper)

#1956.  Luna (Tuna --- Hooverphonic)

#1957.  Sick Bowers (Six Hours --- Alice Cooper)

#1958.  A Border (No Quarter --- Led Zeppelin)

#1959.  Cocaine (The Chain --- Fleetwood Mac)

#1960.  Steven Daines (Country Lanes --- Bee Gees)

#1961.  Greene Is Outta Line (Teenage Frankenstein --- Alice Cooper)

#1962.  Nauta Fucks You (Gotta Jibboo --- Phish)

#1963.  Greene Can't Be Trusted (Mean Mister Mustard --- The Beatles)

#1964.  Kash (Trash --- Silverchair)

#1965.  Sam Brown (Breakdown --- Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)

#1966.  The Jesse Law Acrimony (The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony --- Phish)

#1967.  I Hate Sam Brown (I Won't Back Down --- Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)

#1968.  Aileen Cannon (Feast or Famine --- Seether)

#1969.  Tommy (Shit) (Eminem --- Mommy (Skit)

#1970.  I Saw Tommy Fisting Donald Trump (I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus --- Twisted Sister)

#1971.  Tommy, Can A Nationalist Be White (Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight --- The Misfits)

#1972.  Taylor Greene's Gay (In Between Days --- The Cure)

#1973.  Just Like Kevin (Just Like Heaven --- The Cure)

#1974.  Eli Crane (Crazy Train --- Ozzy Osbourne)

#1975.  Crane (Rain --- Rusted Root)

#1976.  Eli Crane (Purple Rain --- Prince)

#1977.  Taylor Greene (Gasoline --- Audioslave)

#1978.  Nauta And The Treason (Gotta Have A Reason --- Bon Jovi)

#1979.  His Ass Is Why: A Fist For DeSantis (As Time Goes By: A Kiss Is Just A Kiss --- Willie Nelson & Julio Eglesias)

#1980.  Roy's A Fanatic (Toys In The Attic --- Aerosmith)

#1981.  Two Thousand Mules (Nobody's Fool --- Cinderella)

#1982.  Taylor Greene (Gasoline --- Trampled By Turtles)

#1983.  Clown (Down --- Pearl Jam)

#1984.  Taylor Greene (Mean Machine --- Motorhead)

#1985.  Tom Fitton, Big Lie (Once Bitten, Twice Shy --- Great White)

#1986.  Chip Roy's A Fucking Clown (The Toys Go Winding Down --- Primus)

#1987.  Cannon (Famine --- Death Angel)

#1988.  Greene (Jean --- David Hasselhoff)

#1989.  Jim Justice (Street Justice --- Cro-Mags)

#1990.  Ayotte (Slipknot --- Grateful Dead)

#1991.  Hawley (Polly --- Nirvana)

#1992.  Proud Boys Love Trump The Clown (The Boys Are Back In Town --- Thin Lizzy)

#1993.  Cornyn (Outshined --- Soundgarden)

#1994.  Mittens Romney (Hot Pastrami --- The Ronettes)

#1995.  Meet John Cornyn (Sweet Caroline --- James Taylor)

#1996.  John Cornyn (Red, Red Wine --- Neil Diamond)

#1997.  Timothy Shea (Come Out And Play --- The Offspring)

#1998.  Shithead Fred Keller (Rats In The Cellar --- Aerosmith)

#1999.  Timothy Shea (Games People Play --- Alan Parsons Project)

#2000.  Trump's A Fuckin' Orange Clown (Try That In A Small Town --- Jason Aldean)

#2001.  Aldean (Machine --- Black Flag)

#2002.  Aldean (Machine --- Violent Femmes)

#2003.  Chris Sununu (Out Of The Blue --- Alan Parsons Project)

#2004.  Aldean Cunt (Machine Gun --- The Commodores)

#2005.  Vance Is White And Gay (Dance The Night Away --- Van Halen)

#2006.  Huckabee (Suddenly --- Billy Ocean)

#2007.  He's Braun (He's Gone --- Grateful Dead)
#2008.  Bishop Probes (Bishop's Robes --- Radiohead)

#2009.  Vance, Vance, Vance (Dance, Dance, Dance --- Neil Young)

#2010.  Donald's Arraignment (That's Entertainment --- Aretha Franklin)

#2011.  Taylor Greene (Hey Nineteen --- Steely Dan)

#2012.  An Asshole No Doubt (The Sun Will Come Out --- Little Orphan Annie)

#2013.  Hillbilly J.D. Vance (Victim of Circumstance --- Santana)

#2014.  Dolan (Stolen --- The Brian Jonestown Massacre)

#2015.  Jim Justice (Blind Justice --- Agnostic Front)

#2016.  My God's Donald Trump (My God Is The Sun --- Queens Of The Stone Age)

#2017.  Robert T. Bigelow (Moving In Stereo --- The Cars)

#2018.  Joshua Sills (Beverly Hills --- Weezer)

#2019.  Pritt Is An Orange Prolapse Fart (Quit Playin' Games With My Heart --- Backstreet Boys)

#2020.  Pudding Fingers (Crazy Fingers --- Grateful Dead) 

#2021.  Deace (Peace --- Judas Priest)

#2022.  Joshua Stills (Beverly Hills --- Circle Jerks)

#2023.  Deace (Peace -- Weezer)

#2024.  Donald's Arraignment (That's Entertainment --- Powerman 5000)

#2025.  Scott Brown (Breakdown --- Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)

#2026.  Trevian Kutti (Heavy Duty --- Judas Priest)

#2027.  Donald's Arraignment (That's Entertainment --- Rancid)

#2028.  CUM (Dumb --- Nirvana)
#2029.  Clark (Sparks --- Coldplay)
#2030.  DOJ Jeffrey Clark (Saturday In The Park --- Chicago)
#2031.  Deace (Grease --- Bee Gees)
#2032.  Abigail Jo Shry (No Woman, No Cry --- Bob Marley & The Wailers)
#2033.  Abigail (Abigail --- King Diamond)
#2034.  Nauta's Really Gay (Gotta Get Away --- The Offspring)
#2035.  Owens (Oceans --- Pearl Jam)
#2036.  Jew!  (Who? --- Brian Jonestown Massacre)
#2037.  Shawn Still's A Creep (Until It Sleeps --- Metallica)
#2038.  Findling (Kindling --- Harry Brokensha & Nick Wilson)
#2039.  Doug Burgum (Bang The Drum --- Lindsey Buckingham)
#2040.  Puddin' Stain (Puddin' Taine --- Primus)
#2041.  Harrison Floyd (Into The Void --- Kiss)
#2042.  Sam Brown (Breakdown --- Moby)
#2043.  Sadow (Meatplow --- Stone Temple Pilots)
#2044.  Lawfare (I Swear --- All 4 One)
#2045.  Reddy Really Blows (Steady, As She Goes --- The Raconteurs)
#2046.  Stormy's Chest (Phone Went West --- My Morning Jacket)
#2047.  Lake's A Dummy And Cunt (Take The Money And Run --- Steve Miller)
#2048.  Lake's A Liar (Lake Of Fire --- Nirvana)
#2049.  Assclown (Lowdown --- My Morning Jacket)
#2050.  Fuck Forty-Five (Love Is Alive --- Gary Wright)
#2051.  Lake Will Fuck You (Take Me With You --- Prince)
#2052.  Stephen Lee (Let It Be --- The Beatles)
#2053.  Pezzola's Bad News (Viola Lee Blues --- Grateful Dead)
#2054.  Crow (Snow --- The Chemical Brothers)
#2055.  Blow Chesebro (Go With the Flow --- Queens Of The Stone Age)
#2056.  Brandon Judd (Book Of Blood --- Armored Saint)
#2057.  David Cole (Rock And Roll --- Led Zeppelin)
#2058.  David Cole (Heart And Soul --- Huey Lewis & The News)
#2059.  Senator Cruz (Second Hand News --- Fleetwood Mac)
#2060.  Elon (He's Gone --- Grateful Dead)
#2061.  I Guess That's Why They Call Him Ted Cruz (I Guess That's Why They Call Him Ted Cruz --- Elton John)
#2062.  Kari Lake (Crater Lake --- Liz Phair)

#2063.  Rehl (Deal --- Grateful Dead)

#2064.  Navarro (I Don't Know --- Ozzy Osbourne)

#2065.  Navarro (Touch And Go --- The Cars)

#2066.  Noem (Roam --- The B-52's)

#2067.  Charles Roy (Corduroy --- Pearl Jam)

#2068.  Shutdown (Breakdown --- Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)

#2069.  Rectum of J.D. Vance (Victim of Circumstance --- Carole King)
#2070.  Kim Jong Un (Harvest Moon --- Neil Young)
#2071.  Un (Soon --- My Bloody Valentine)
#2072.  Harlan Crow (Let It Snow --- Billy Idol)
#2073.  Crow (Low --- Cracker)
#2074.  Trump Dump's A Piece Of Shit (Trump Won And You Know It --- Natasha Owens)
#2075.  Trump Farts (Doll Parts --- Hole)
#2076.  Tuberville (Looks That Kill --- Motley Crue)
#2077.  Trump Was Born To Fuck You (I Was Born To Love You --- Ray LaMontagne)
#2078.  Harrison Floyd (Nine Inch Nails --- Into The Void)
#2079.  Ted Cruz (Bad News --- Johnny Cash)
#2080.  Rand Paul (Snowball --- Jimmy Fallon)
#2081.  Ray Epps (Footsteps --- Pearl Jam)
#2082.  Crow (Low --- Coldplay)
#2083.  Donald Is Gay (Those Were The Days --- All In The Family theme song)
#2084.  Bill Cassidy (Butch Cassidy --- My Morning Jacket)
#2085.  Birdbrain (Cocaine --- Eric Clapton)
#2086.  McDonald's Meals (Head Over Heels --- The Go-Go's)
#2087.  Birdbrain (Red Rain --- Peter Gabriel)
#2088.  Birdbrain (Love Train --- Rolling Stones)
#2089.  Nikki Haley's A Birdbrain (Have You Ever Seen The Rain --- CCR/John Fogerty)
#2090.  Donald Duck (Disco Duck --- Rick Dees And His Cast Of Idiots)
#2091.  Birdbrain (Sweet Jane --- The Velvet Underground)
#2092.  Birdbrain (Queen Jane ---Grateful Dead)
#2093.  Donald Duck (What The Fuck --- The Boxer Rebellion)
#2094.  Donald Duck (Police Truck --- Megadeth) 
#2095.  Kise Team (Nice Dream --- Radiohead)
#2096.  James Craig (Bootleg --- John Fogerty)
#2097.  Donald Bender (Hey Big Spender --- Queen)
#2098.  Greene Lies (Green Eyes --- Husker Du)
#2099.  Chris Kise (Love Bites --- Judas Priest)
#2100.  Those Greene Lies (Those Green Eyes --- Avett Brothers)
#2102.  Jim (Gym --- Adam Sandler)
#2103.  Habba Will Fuck Ya (Havah Nagilah --- Neil Diamond)
#2104.  Jim Jordan (The Warden --- Old Crow Medicine Show)
#2105.  Stephen Scalise (Karma Police --- Radiohead)
#2106.  Fucked Up Hamas (Upon The Cross --- King Diamond)
#2107.  Ron DeSantis (Reminiscing --- Little River Band)
#2108.  Lake Will Screw (Open Your Ass Wide) (Break On Through To The Other Side --- The Doors)
#2109.  Lake's My Enemy (Cake And Sodomy --- Marilyn Manson)
#2110.  A Coup D'Etat's The Plan (I Want To Hold Your Hand --- The Beatles)
#2111.  Goodbye Hamas (Deny The Cross --- Overkill)
#2112.  Steve Scalise (Piece By Piece --- Slayer)
#2113.  Kari Lake Is Gay (God Will Make A Way --- Don Moen)
#2114.  Jeff McConney Sinner (Reality Winner --- Son Volt)
#2115.  Kari Lake's Gonna Fart (Don't Go Breaking My Heart --- Elton John)
#2116.  Lake Is Full Of Bullshit (Take It To The Limit --- The Eagles)
#2117.  Kari Lake Will Fart (Achy Breaky Heart --- Billy Ray Cyrus)
#2118.  Deif  (Grief --- Sepultura)
#2119.  Where's El Deif (Where's The Beef --- 1980's Wendy's Commercial)
#2120.  And I Hate That Steve Scalise (When I Paint My Masterpiece --- Grateful Dead)
#2121. She's Brenna Bird (Gee, I'm A Nerd --- Weird Al Yankovic)

#2122.  That Brenna Bird (This Little Bird --- Nancy Sinatra)
#2123.  Why Is Ivanka (Why Don't We Get Drunk --- Jimmy Buffett)
#2124.  Brenna Bird (Surfin' Bird --- The Trashmen)
#2125.  Brenna Bird (Lady Bird --- Nancy Sinatra)
#2126.  Bird Is A Liar (Bird On A Wire --- Johnny Cash)
#2127.  Austin Scott (Ocelot --- Phish)
#2128.  El Deif (Sweet Leaf --- Black Sabbath)
#2129.  Emmer (Hummer --- Cheap Trick)
#2130.  On Truth Social (Antisocial --- Anthrax)
#2131.  Waltz Is An Asshole
#2132.  Trump's A Retard (Calling Blue Cars --- Dishwalla)
#2133.  Jordan (Bargain --- The Who)
#2134.  That Liar Mark Burns (The Fire Still Burns --- Twisted Sister)
#2135.  Palmer (Bomber --- Motorhead)
#2136.  Pete Sessions (Impressions --- Napalm Death)
#2137.  Stormy's Gonna Fake It (We're Not Gonna Take It --- Twisted Sister)
#2138.  Jim Jordan (The Curtain --- Phish)
#2139.  Mike Johnson (Black Hole Sun --- Soundgarden)
#2140.  Justice (Justice --- Krokus)
#2141.  Pete Sessions (Possessions --- Loretta Lynn)
#2142.  Tata Fucks You (Gotta Jibboo --- Phish)
#2143.  I'm Giving To Mike Johnson (I'm Living In Wisconsin --- The Dead Milkmen)
#2144.  Mike Johnson (Done And Done --- The Tragically Hip)
#2145.  Larry Elder (Gimme Shelter --- Rolling Stones) 
#2146.  Donald Trump Isn't White (And We Bid You Goodnight --- Grateful Dead)
#2147.  Larry Elder (Helter Skelter --- The Beatles)
#2148.  Kristi's, A Fucking Gnome (Mama, I'm Coming Home --- Ozzy Osbourne)
#2149.  Tommy Tuberville (The Fool On The Hill --- The Beatles)
#2150.  Trumpin' Orange Trash (Jumpin' Jack Flash --- Rolling Stones)
#2151.  Glenn Youngkin (Violin --- They Might Be Giants)
#2152.  Donald Junior (Song For Junior --- Beastie Boys)
#2153.  Rockey Might Be Gay (Rocky Mountain Way --- Joe Walsh)
#2154.  Patrick Dai (Evil Eye --- Black Crowes)
#2155.  Bobby Knight (Fly By Night --- Rush)
#2156.  Tuberville (Violet Hill --- Coldplay)
#2157.  Tom Tuberville (Blueberry Hill --- Fats Domino)
#2158.  Kristi Noem (Mobile Home --- The Presidents Of The United States Of America)
#2159.  Tommy Tuberville (Margaritaville --- Jimmy Buffett)
#2160.  Donald's Prayer (The Lord's Prayer --- Andrea Bocelli)
#2161.  Roseanne Barr (Shooting Star --- Bad Company)
#2162.  Tate Reeves (Long Sleeves --- Black Stone Cherry)
#2163.  Virginia Foxx (Pandora's Box --- Aerosmith)
#2164.  Orange Clown (Hoedown --- Emerson, Lake & Palmer)
#2165.  Romaine (Cocaine --- Eric Clapton)
#2166.  Ed Romaine (I'm Insane --- Ratt)
#2167.  Bootgate (The Wait --- Metallica)
#2168.  Cameron's A Fucking Cunt (Anyone Can Fall In Love --- Doris Day)
#2169.  Cameron Is A Retard (Anyone Can Play Guitar --- Radiohead)
#2170.  Virginia's Cunt Might Have Crust (Another One Bites The Dust --- Queen)
#2171.  Cameron (Anyone --- Sugar Ray)
#2172.  Estaban Bovo (Me & My Shadow --- Judy Garland)
#2173.  Bridget Hill (Looks That Kill --- Motley Crue)

#2174.  Trump (Plump --- Hole)
#2175.  Kern (Burn --- King Diamond)
#2176.  Anthony Tata (Persona Grata --- Joan Armatrading)
#2177.  Scum (Scum --- Napalm Death)
#2178.  Kosher Pig Is A Lie (The Great Gig In The Sky --- Pink Floyd)
#2179.  Dana White (Dynamite --- Son Volt)
#2180.  The Donald's Not A Man (I Want To Hold Your Hand --- The Beatles)
#2181.  Trump Is A Cunt (Here Comes The Sun --- The Beatles)
#2182.  Stormy Daniels Wasn't His Wife (Got To Get You Into My Life --- The Beatles)
#2183.  Donald Trump's A Cunt (All You Need Is Love --- The Beatles)
#2184.  Donald's A Clown (Don't Let Me Down --- The Beatles)
#2185.  The Donald Will Explode (The Long And Winding Road --- The Beatles)
#2186.  Stand Your Butt Up (Stand Your Ass Up --- Tech N9ne)
#2187.  Insurrection (Revolution --- The Beatles)
#2188.  Bovo's A Gadfly (Hobo's Lullabye --- Arlo Guthrie)
#2189.  Entering Alina > Fuck Her (Enter the Arena > Crush 'Em --- Megadeth)
#2190.  Mullin Man (Muffin Man --- Frank Zappa)
#2191.  Till The Donald Cums (Till The Morning Comes --- Neil Young)
#2192.  Till The Donald Cums (Till The Morning Comes --- Grateful Dead)
#2193.  Chip Roy (Enjoy --- Bjork)
#2194.  Musk's A Cunt (Muskrat Love --- Captain & Tennille)
#2195.  Trump Is A Cunt Forever (Love Will Keep Us Together --- Captain & Tennille)
#2196.  Shaman Bitch (Common Bitch --- Ween)
#2197.  Michael Turner (Afterburner --- Saxon)
#2198.  Alina (Corrina --- Grateful Dead)

Please do not share this material with Alina Habba and/or former President Donald J. Trump.


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