Thursday, November 30, 2023

#2220. Lahmeyer

Trump failed to secure the endorsement of Iowan evangelical leader Bob Vander Plaats.


So he's predictably fighting back with an endorsement from some other Midwestern Christian nationalist shitbaggin' stooge.  #TrumpDump

Orange Prolapse on the left : Pastor Jackson Lahmeyer on the right

President Trump has been the MOST pro-Christian President in our lifetime!  I took some heat for calling out the behavior of  Bob Vander Plaats as indistinguishable from a "common street whore." --- Lahmeyer


Trumper, Orange Prolapse meat
A job to blow with all his might
Small hands’n tiny feet
That fuckin’ retard, and liar

Fuckin’ scandal a dumbshit buffoon
Yeah, Donald’s a fecal
A fecal stained goon
He’s gonna mount her, Stormy was fun
Ugly poon, the First Lady’s a cunt
The great deceiver, his anus wider

The deceiver’n fat liar,
(Asshole, burning)

Ain’t no scholar
Has no erection
Mouthful of vomit
A fuckin’ insurrection
Pisser urinal will flow
An orange creature’s stealin’ votes like a fuckin’ pro
This isn’t funny, funny, funny... ?
The deceiver’n fat liar,


Lover, I'm off the streets
I'm gonna go where the bright lights
And the big city meet
With a red guitar, on fire

She's the candle burnin' in my room
Yeah, I'm like the needle
The needle and spoon
Over the counter, with a shotgun
Pretty soon, everybody's got one
I'm in a fever, when I'm beside her

And the fever, gettin' higher
(Burning, burning)

She's the dollars
She's my protection
Yeah, she's the promise
In the year of election
Sister I can't let you go
Like a preacher stealin' hearts at a travellin' show
For love or money, money, money... ?
And the fever, gettin' higher


U2 has played the Burgh a grand total of 11 times.


5-22-97, Three Rivers Stadium, Pittsburgh, PA

5-6-01, Mellon Arena, Pittsburgh, PA

7-26-11, Heinz Field, Pittsburgh, PA

6-17-17, Heinz Field, Pittsburgh, PA


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Please do not share this material with Pastor Jackson Lahmeyer and/or former President Donald J. Trump.

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