Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Top 10 Obama/Romney election night observations:

Top 10 election night observations:

10) scrolling Fox News Alert:  Ohio is To Close Too Call

As Rob Halford would say, "Some heads are gonna roll" come Wednesday morning.

9) With less than 1% of the vote counted, we can put Alabama in the Romney column.

Yeah, no shit.

8) Will Mitt follow in the footsteps of Al Gore and grow a beard?

I doubt it.

7) Political action committee, "People Loving Money" exceeds Romney's fundraising expectations.

6) Consequently, voting bloc "Mormons for Obama" significantly under-performs.

5) Karl Rove had a nervous breakdown and lost his last 47 follicles of hair.

4) No Donald Trump commentary.  Praise the lord.

3) Chuck Todd should legally change his name to Chuck God.

2) I take back the Trump comment.  He tweeted the following...
Donald Trump -- "He (Obama) lost the popular vote by a lot and won the election. We should have a revolution in this country!"

Apparently, nobody told Trump that California is on the west coast and would swing the popular vote.  Rather than admit he was in error, he just deleted the tweet.  Way to go, douchebag.

1) All those "Foundation for a Better Life" and "I'm Your neighbor and I'm a Mormon" commercials will just quietly disappear. 

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