Tuesday, June 27, 2023

#1945. Robert Bowers

Should Donald Trump share in the blame for the Tree of Life Synagogue massacre in Squirrel Hill?

Yes.  All the Orange Prolapse does is foment ethnic division and spew hatred.  Eventually, it all adds up and has real world consequences.  And then some MAGA freakshow from 'Lil Warshington goes on a mass shooting spree.  Followed up by fringe members of Congress posting celebratory pictures of their teenage children armed with AR-15s.  Second Amendment Reinforcement 101.

And on it goes...



Robert Bowers

Robert is a fucked up clown
Bowers is a cunt
Proud Boys love the meat of Robert Bowers
And he’s gonna have some fun
Oath Keepers are all in maybe
Robert is white a lil’ slow
Oath Keepers all love that Robert Bowers
He ain’t faking doncha know

Holocaust Jews are cooking
Dead bodies he don’t mind
AK-47 maybe
For the sake of all mankind
Oath Keepers are so much greater
Robert is white doncha know
We want you put to death Robert Bowers
And Ivanka’s a Jewish whore

There’s gonna be a huge crime
Squirrel Hill is gonna pay
Endless bullets in a frenzy
He be paving in a different way
The ultimate price since Honest Abe
Robert was right the low blow
And all the blow jobs he’s selling
That Robert Bowers Nazi whore


After Hours
Boz Scaggs

After all the ups and downs
All the due's are done
I want you to meet me after hours
And we'll make a little run
I want you to meet me baby
After the lights go down low
I want you to meet me after hours
Then we'll take it nice and slow

Now don't you go out looking
No telling what you'll find
It's a jungle out there baby
But just take it off your mind
I want you to meet me later
After the lights go down low
I want you to meet me after hours
And leave the crazies at the door

You know it's been a long time
Since you came around this way
And you look like all the pennies
I've been saving for a rainy day
Would be awful nice to see you babe
After the lights go down low
Cause you know there ain't no telling
What after hours got in store


From 1973 to 2023, Boz Scaggs has "boss hogged" the Burgh a grand total of 14 times.

Boz Scaggs:

7-16-17, Hartwood Acres, Pittsburgh, PA

The Big Lie 100: (#1105)

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Please do not share this material with Robert Bowers and/or former President Donald J. Trump.


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