Sunday, July 02, 2023

#1951. Orange Prolapse Fart

Behold the auditory-visual evidence of Donald Trump's uncontrollable flatulence.  Behold, dog damnit!

I've always said, "He's full of hot air."


Orange Prolapse Fart

Trump’s the orangest prolapse in the world
The one MAGA will defend
Salad tossed flag unfurled
And Stormy Daniels has a job to blow
Forty-five is the enemy
But she was willing to accept his load
And he’ll deceive you too

The Orange Prolapse fart, Jared Kushner’s a Jew
Oh the Orange Prolapse fart, that Kushner’s a Jew

Proud Boys are predominately white, Jews are the enemy
Urine is free but yellow not white
McDonald’s he will feed

And the Orange Prolapse fart
Cannot pardon your crimes
And the Orange Prolapse fart
Stalling toilet, stalling toilet
Orange Prolapse fart

Salad is tossed and surely gay
Appalling the anus in play
Stallin’ toilet, hear the stall in you
Hear the stallin’ toilet

Stormy should dismember wet dreams were so sad
Donald’s not a king, oh girl, his boldness defend
And Donald whenever, will stand up and shout
A gay baby maybe, always a clown

The Orange Prolapse fart, hear the stallin’ toilet
Hear the Orange Prolapse fart, hear the stallin’ toilet
Stallin’ toilet
The Orange Prolapse fart, Orange Prolapse fart
Hear the stallin’ toilet, prolapse fart


Call To The Heart

Can I ever live without you girl
Get back on my feet again
Now I'm lost in your world
And there's no simple way to let you go
When you've been such a part of me
And though you choose to walk a separate road
I still believe in you

So, call to your heart, hear me calling to you
Oh I call to your heart, I'm calling to you

Distant voices in the silent night, call to a memory
Someone touched me but it don't feel right
It's only you I need

When I call to your hear
Can you hear all the times
When I call to your heart
Calling to you, calling to you
Call to your heart

Your love I lost along the way
But darling I'll find you some day
Callin' to you, hear me call to you
Hear me callin' to you

Darlin' you remember the dreams that we had
I'd give everything, my world, to hold you again
And darlin' together, we can make it work out
So stay with me baby, I need you now

I call to your heart, hear me callin' to you
Hear me call to your heart, hear me callin' to you
Callin' to you
I'll call to your heart, call to your heart
Hear me callin' to you, to your heart

Simply stated, Giuffria is a horrible name for a band.  Hey, if I started a rock band, I wouldn't call it Saferstein.  That same logic should apply to many names... Hymendinger*, Niggemeyer*, Kushner, Trump, etc.

* - I actually know two individuals whose last name is Hymendinger & Niggemeyer.  Kushner & Trump?  Eh, not so much.

Giuffria played the Burgh just once.  Back in the spring of 1985, they opened for Foreigner at the Civic Arena.  Didn't go.

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#1951.  Orange Prolapse Fart (Call To Your Heart --- Giuffria)


Please do not share this material with former President Donald J. Trump.

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