Thursday, March 09, 2023

#1746. Tucker

Who knew that Tuckums was a split personality?

On camera, loves the Orange Prolapse.  Off camera: "I hate Trump passionately."

I always just assumed Carlson was a straight up MAGA asshole.

I can't even fathom what he must be saying about the Greene Prolapse behind her back.


Among the major dahntahn bridges, the Rachel Carson Bridge is quickly becoming an exclusive "Trump Dump DP!"  DP = "destination point."  West Rear End Bridge, Eat Your Ass Out!

This rare NutDump / TuckDump combo never saw the light of day.  #1744.  "Faking The Violence" (Breaking The Silence --- Queensryche) was instantaneously blocked.  Likely an algorithm.  I refer to this style of internet censorship as an "algojism.""


Masturbating on Fox News is wrong
Why is Donald Trump a dumb cunt we must defend
Forty-five he lied a god damn clown
No doubt he’s a syndrome of the down defend

Trump’s a retard

Spreads his asshole wide open apart
When you suck it but the fellatio ain’t pretend
Fucking Donald’s an Orange Prolapse clown
No doubt that he’s a syndrome of the down to defend

Trump’s a retard
Trump’s a retard


Brian Jonestown Massacre

I've been waiting in my room so long
I think about the ways you've done me wrong again
Fucking bitch you tried to drag me down
Talk about me all around the town no end

Once you half start

With your daggers sharp inside my heart
If you fuck me I will fall apart there's no end
Fucking people try to bring me down
Talk about me and your stupid town there's no end

Once we half start
Once we half start


As far as commercially unknown bands go, these guys are definitely in my top 5.

Difficult song.  I'd give this parody a 78.

Brian Jonestown Massacre:

5-8-18, Mr. Small's Theatre, Millvale, PA

The Big Lie 100: (#909)

#1740.  CPAC (Stand Back --- Stevie Nicks)

#1741.  CPAC's Frightnin' (Smokestack Lightnin' --- Grateful Dead)

#1742.  Hatin' Nate Schatzline (Lay It On the Line --- Triumph)

#1743.  Nate Schatzline (Hold The Line --- Toto)

#1744.*  Faking The Violence (Breaking The Silence --- Queensryche)

#1745.  Treason He's A Cunt (Seasons In The Sun --- Terry Jacks)

#1746.  Tucker (Fucker --- Brian Jonestown Massacre)

* - link was immediately disabled.

Please do not share this material with Tucker Carlson and/or former President Donald J. Trump.

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