Monday, December 06, 2021

#886. Omicron

Fox Nation's Lara Logan recently compared Anthony Fauci to Nazi holocaust experimenter Dr. Joseph Mengele.  Yep, sounds about right.

Of course!  Because Fauci is most certainly the modern equivalent of the Angel of Death.  Makes sense.



There’s a brand new strain of Covid for you
It’s mostly from Southern Africa too
Bio-weaponry crime and it’s simply the best
Let’s put Dr. Fauci to the fucking test

It’s been detected but most do not care
Living among the very sick I swear
Don't you, don’t you misinform
You’ll be engaging a black swan


It’s all a show on channels like Fox News
The shit that causes strife you can’t eschew
Unless you’re a retard not feeling any stress
Donald Trump’s the Orange Prolapse who we detest


Get It On
Kingdom Come

We've come a real long way to be with you
It's not that easy doing what we do
There are those lonely times and then there's happiness
Now it's time we gonna do what we do best
Get it on
Get it on

There's an electric feeling in the air
The night is young and there is lots to share
Don't you, don’t you feel the storm
I feel it raging on and on

Get it on

And now you know what we can do for you
Something has come to life between us, too
The boys are pushing hard and playing out their best
Now it's time to let your body do the rest
Get it on

Favorite Kingdom Cum song?  Living Out Of Touch.

Perhaps one day they'll open for Greta Van Fleet.  It'd be a decent tour gimmick.  Old time Zeppers followed by a youth gone wild get the lead out.

Kingdom Come:

6-15-88, Three Rivers Stadium, Pittsburgh, PA (Monsters of Rock)

6-23-88, Rubber Bowl, Akron, OH (Monster of Rock)

9-21-88, Hara Arena, Dayton, OH (opened for The Scorpions)

Please do not share this material with anyone who has been negatively impacted by Covid, particularly the Omicron variant. 


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