Saturday, December 02, 2023

#2228. Strong Is A Clown

Congressman Dale Strong (R-AL) became a volunteer fire fighter at the age of 13.

But now, he's just another purveyor of the Big Lie and a hopelessly devoted Orange Prolapse sycophant.  

Nothing more, nothing less.  A worthless piece of shit.  Much like Ted Nugent.



Strong Is A Clown

Congressman Dale Strong is a clown
Sha, Na, Na...

When Donald shits the big lie
Is when McDonald’s outta line
Fuckin’ up he’s an Orange Prolapse clown
Took a Lake Tahoe vacation
Trump had a Stormy adulteration
And got his salad tossed in the round

Ivanka’s always gonna blow
A Proud Boy shitshow doncha know
Gonna give bad advice to her bro
Jew ho

Bullshit and crap on the golden throne
A toilet breakdown
Fuck Trump he is the Orange Prolapse clown
Libtards are gonna make him fuckin’ scream
Syndrome down
Fuck Trump he is the Orange Prolapse clown

Sha, Na, Na...

Yeah, Donald’s insurrection
His mushroom tiny erection
And Arby’s has the meats and tag teams

Baby Donald’s Truth Social he ranted
Baby seven are the sins to sell
Yo, he’s still a clown


Wrong Side Of Town
Ted Nugent

Caught up on the wrong side of town
Na, Na, Na...

When Johnny hit the big time
He wuz livin’ on the hard line
Movin’ up on the wrong side of town
He wuz lookin’ for salvation
From a desperate situation
But the peer pressure lost what he found

It’s some place you don’t wanna go
You only end up on skid row
When you live with the vice and the snow
You know

Caught in a trap in the danger zone
Gonna take you down
Caught up on the wrong side of town
Livin’ on the edge of a broken dream
Swim or drown
Caught up on the wrong side of town

Na, Na, Na...

Yeah, Johnny lost direction
Then he gave into corruption
And he died on the streets with his dreams

Maybe Johnny took it all for granted
Maybe heaven is a place for hell
Oh, who’s sorry now

From 1971 to the present, Ted Nugent has MAGGOTTED and FAGGOTTED the Burgh an amazing total of 37 times.

I almost certainly saw him open for a headliner at Star Lake during the late 90's or early 2000's.  But I forget who it was.  And to be honest, it's Ted Nugent.  It's hard to give a shit... about a piece of shit.  I didn't even listen to the actual song.  Just matched up the syllable progressions.


Believe it or not, Ted Nugent had a band bash at Three rivers Stadium in the summer of '99 (along with Quiet Riot, Night Ranger, Blue Oyster Cult, and Slaughter).  I was not in attendance.

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Please do not share this material with Dale Strong (R-AL) and/or former President Donald J. Trump.

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