Sunday, December 17, 2023

#2261. It's Hunter's Laptop From Hell

An easy way to become a famous writer?  Just take the verbatim words of the Orange Prolapse and write a book about it.  Such is the case with Miranda Devine.

I Alone Can Fix It, Fire & Fury, A Very Stable Genius, etc.

Personally speaking, I prefer "The Satanic Laptop."  Reminds me of Salman Rushdie and The Satanic Verses.  
Behold!  The first ever "Fatwa Dump."


It’s Hunter’s Laptop From Hell

Donald is shitty
An Orange Prolapse sound
Daughter-wife’s willing
Her asshole daddy pounds
The Hunter laptop from hell

Coup d’état sorrow
The Proud Boys are loud
And they stink Oath Keepers aren’t friendly
Fuckin’ Jew George Santos no doubt
It’s Hunter’s laptop from hell

Trump and his semen are cuming
Ivanka’s cunt he will share
Trump and his semen are cuming

The laptop from hell
The laptop from hell
The laptop from hell


I Think I'm Going To Hell
My Morning Jacket

Down in the city
The flames gathered round
Churches and buildings
In ashes on the ground
They think they're goin' to Hell

Out in the hollow
It drown out the crowd
And I think my mother would kill me
If she knew what I was about
I think I'm goin' to Hell

Devils and demons are comin'
Lovers and children beware
Devils and demons are comin'

To take me to Hell
To take me to Hell
To take me to Hell

From 2003 to the present, MMJ has played the Burgh a grand total of 9 times.  We finally made it to Red Rocks this summer.  Needless to say, it exceeded our expectations.

My Morning Jacket:

5-2-10, Lifestyles Community Pavilion, Columbus, OH
8-27-10, Trib Total Media Amphitheater, Pittsburgh, PA
8-10-11, Stage AE, Pittsburgh, PA
8-12-12, LC Pavilion, Columbus, OH
8-21-12, Stage AE, Pittsburgh, PA
6-4-15, Stage AE, Pittsburgh, PA
6-3-15, State Theatre, Cleveland, OH
7-8-17, Metro Amphitheater, Charlotte, NC
7-9-17, Red Hat Amphitheater, Raleigh, NC
6-22-22, Stage AE, Pittsburgh, PA
6-28-23, Stage AE, Pittsburgh, PA
8-25-23, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO
8-26-23, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO

The Big Lie 100: (#1397)

#2216.  For Trump (Her Strut --- Bob Seger)

#2217.  Mark Green (Green Beans --- Animal Collective)

#2218.  Song For The Trumped (Song For The Dumped --- Ben Folds Five)

#2219.  Trumped (Chumped --- Joyce Manor)

#2220.  Lahmeyer (Desire --- U2)

#2221.  Trumper (Kiss --- Strutter)

#2222.  Prolapse Stain: Forty-Five (Morning Train: Nine To Five --- Sheena Easton)

#2223.  Strong (Wrong --- Lindsey Buckingham)

#2224.  Gilberry (Hail Mary --- Alice Cooper)

#2225.  Perry's Pissed (Cherry Twist --- Crystal Method)

#2226.  Go Musk Yourself (Go Fuck Yourself --- Two Feet)

#2227.  Perry (Cherry - U.F.O.)

#2228.  Strong Is A Clown (Wrong Side Of Town)

#2229.  Trumpy Little Bitch And Cunt (Crazy Little Thing Called Love --- Queen)

#2230.  Gilberry (Hail Mary --- Testament)

#2231.  Christian Ziegler (Sister Christian --- Night Ranger)

#2232.  Forty-Five (9 to 5 --- Dolly Parton)

#2233.  Tesla Sucks (Thunderstruck --- AC/DC)

#2234.  5K (Birthday --- Paul McCartney)

#2235.  Florida State Got Fuckin' Screwed (Overweight But Over You)

#2236.  Kennedy (Ecstasy --- PJ Harvey)

#2237.  Mr. Kevin Cramer (Mr. Entertainer --- Men At Work)

#2238.  Kennedy (Faithfully --- Journey)

#2239.  Strong (Wrong --- Waylon Jennings)

#2240.  DeNiro (My Hero --- Foo Fighters)

#2241.  Swift (Rift --- Phish)

#2242.  Tay Tay Tay (Say Say Say --- Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney)

#2243.  Travis (Krampus --- Houndmouth)

#2244.  Strong's Gay (Wrong Way --- Creed)

#2245.  Hostetter (Shoplifter --- Green Day)

#2246.  Donald Trump Is An Orange Clown (London Bridge Is Falling Down --- Cocomelon)

#2247.  Donald Trump Is A Retard (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star --- Olivia Newton-John)

#2248.  Bland Is A Cunt (Band On The Run --- Paul McCartney)

#2249.  Kennedy (Destiny --- Journey)

#2250.  Dictator (Heartbreaker --- Pat Benatar)

#2251.  Kenneth Paxton (Love Boat Captain)

#2252.  The Digital Mugshot Edition (To Defy The Laws Of Tradition --- Primus)

#2253.  Trump Tower (Sunflower --- Neil Diamond)

#2254.  Kid Rock Will Dine (I Walk The Line --- Johnny Cash)

#2255.  Playin' The Browns (Send In The Clowns --- Barbara Streisand)

#2256.  Foxmania (Albania --- Nicholas Colasanto / Cheers Episode)

#2257.  Guy Reschenthaler (Dollar For Dollar --- They Might Be Giants)

#2258.  Reschenthaler (Dollar, Dollar --- PJ Harvey)

#2259.  Kid's Cock (We Rock --- Dio)

#2260.  Reschenthaler (Greenback Dollar --- Woody Guthrie)

#2261.  It's Hunter's Laptop From Hell (I Think I'm Going To Hell --- My Morning Jacket)

Please do not share this material with Hunter Biden, Miranda Devine, and/or former President Donald J. Trump.

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