Tuesday, December 05, 2023

#2236. Kennedy

Louisiana Senator John Kennedy (R), a moronic physician with a dumbshit Southern accent, demonstrated his utter lack of substance and reality when it comes to gun control and the Second Amendment.


Seriously, what a pathetic display of rehearsed stupidity and pathetic arrogance.

Let's give Kennedy a Trump Dump and some miscellaneous graffiti embellishment.



 Pretty much sums it up.




He’s lying
But don’t ask why
He’s a total shit show

He’s voting
Asshole you would agree
An enema enemy

F’in KK… Kennedy

He’s shitting.  Yah!
Clown’s asshole will bleed
Donald Trump’s the enemy

F’in KK… Kennedy


PJ Harvey

I'm flying
Hitting heavens high
I'm head on brake too low

I'm floating
Hanging below the sea
I'm telling you look at me

I'm in ec...ecstasy

I'm singing. Yah!
Sounding hanging breathe
I'm begging you look at me

I'm in ec....ecstasy

PJ Harvey has played the Burgh just twice.  Once in 1995 at Star Lake and the other time at Mellon Arena in 2001.  Believe it or not, I was at both those shows but have only a vague recollection of her performances.

PJ Harvey:

5-6-01, Mellon Arena, Pittsburgh, PA (opened for U2)

9-17-95, Star Lake Amphitheatre, Burgettstown, PA (opened for Live)

The Big Lie 100: (#1375)

#2216.  For Trump (Her Strut --- Bob Seger)

#2217.  Mark Green (Green Beans --- Animal Collective)

#2218.  Song For The Trumped (Song For The Dumped --- Ben Folds Five)

#2219.  Trumped (Chumped --- Joyce Manor)

#2220.  Lahmeyer (Desire --- U2)

#2221.  Trumper (Kiss --- Strutter)

#2222.  Prolapse Stain: Forty-Five (Morning Train: Nine To Five --- Sheena Easton)

#2223.  Strong (Wrong --- Lindsey Buckingham)

#2224.  Gilberry (Hail Mary --- Alice Cooper)

#2225.  Perry's Pissed (Cherry Twist --- Crystal Method)

#2226.  Go Musk Yourself (Go Fuck Yourself --- Two Feet)

#2227.  Perry (Cherry - U.F.O.)

#2228.  Strong Is A Clown (Wrong Side Of Town)

#2229.  Trumpy Little Bitch And Cunt (Crazy Little Thing Called Love --- Queen)

#2230.  Gilberry (Hail Mary --- Testament)

#2231.  Christian Ziegler (Sister Christian --- Night Ranger)

#2232.  Forty-Five (9 to 5 --- Dolly Parton)

#2233.  Tesla Sucks (Thunderstruck --- AC/DC)

#2234.  5K (Birthday --- Paul McCartney)

#2235.  Florida State Got Fuckin' Screwed (Overweight But Over You)

#2236.  Kennedy (Ecstasy --- PJ Harvey)

Please do not share this material with Senator John Kennedy (R-LA)  and/or former President Donald J. Trump.


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