Friday, December 15, 2023

#2257. Guy Reschenthaler


Former Pixburgh Yinzer gets owned by fellow Congressman.

Yep.  Republican Guy Reschenthaler who represents the Southwest corner of Pennsylvania (Oniontown, Fayette-Nam, etc.) can't seem to articulate a reason why the House GOP wants to impeach Joe Biden.  Maybe Guy should brush up on Journalism 101.  You know, the details.  Who, what, when, where, why.  You know, the basics.

Seems that the MAGA Clown party just wants to level the playing field.  At the direction of the Orange Prolapse of course.  Just so Trump can incessantly complain about Crooked Joe Biden and the corrupt Biden family crime syndicate.  So far they've acquired a $20,000 check from Hunter for a vehicle loan repayment.  An overwhelming percentage of Fox News viewers define the "evil, radical truck loan" as an attempt to destroy capitalism, terminate Democracy, and eviscerate the rule of law.  

Bit of a stretch, eh?  Probably depends on your perspective.



Guy Reschenthaler

Guy Reschenthaler
Dildo in his ass.

Dollar For Dollar
They Might Be Giants

Dollar for dollar
Invest in the past.

This is properly referred to as a "lay down" parody.  Not much effort here.  Then again, I'm retired.

From 1987 to the present, They Might Be Giants have played the Burgh an amazing 30 times.

They Might Be Giants:

10-9-92, Wheeling Jesuit College, Wheeling, WV*
* - Our buddy was doing whippets at this concert and got physically entangled in the bleachers. 

The Big Lie 100: (#1393)

#2216.  For Trump (Her Strut --- Bob Seger)

#2217.  Mark Green (Green Beans --- Animal Collective)

#2218.  Song For The Trumped (Song For The Dumped --- Ben Folds Five)

#2219.  Trumped (Chumped --- Joyce Manor)

#2220.  Lahmeyer (Desire --- U2)

#2221.  Trumper (Kiss --- Strutter)

#2222.  Prolapse Stain: Forty-Five (Morning Train: Nine To Five --- Sheena Easton)

#2223.  Strong (Wrong --- Lindsey Buckingham)

#2224.  Gilberry (Hail Mary --- Alice Cooper)

#2225.  Perry's Pissed (Cherry Twist --- Crystal Method)

#2226.  Go Musk Yourself (Go Fuck Yourself --- Two Feet)

#2227.  Perry (Cherry - U.F.O.)

#2228.  Strong Is A Clown (Wrong Side Of Town)

#2229.  Trumpy Little Bitch And Cunt (Crazy Little Thing Called Love --- Queen)

#2230.  Gilberry (Hail Mary --- Testament)

#2231.  Christian Ziegler (Sister Christian --- Night Ranger)

#2232.  Forty-Five (9 to 5 --- Dolly Parton)

#2233.  Tesla Sucks (Thunderstruck --- AC/DC)

#2234.  5K (Birthday --- Paul McCartney)

#2235.  Florida State Got Fuckin' Screwed (Overweight But Over You)

#2236.  Kennedy (Ecstasy --- PJ Harvey)

#2237.  Mr. Kevin Cramer (Mr. Entertainer --- Men At Work)

#2238.  Kennedy (Faithfully --- Journey)

#2239.  Strong (Wrong --- Waylon Jennings)

#2240.  DeNiro (My Hero --- Foo Fighters)

#2241.  Swift (Rift --- Phish)

#2242.  Tay Tay Tay (Say Say Say --- Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney)

#2243.  Travis (Krampus --- Houndmouth)

#2244.  Strong's Gay (Wrong Way --- Creed)

#2245.  Hostetter (Shoplifter --- Green Day)

#2246.  Donald Trump Is An Orange Clown (London Bridge Is Falling Down --- Cocomelon)

#2247.  Donald Trump Is A Retard (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star --- Olivia Newton-John)

#2248.  Bland Is A Cunt (Band On The Run --- Paul McCartney)

#2249.  Kennedy (Destiny --- Journey)

#2250.  Dictator (Heartbreaker --- Pat Benatar)

#2251.  Kenneth Paxton (Love Boat Captain)

#2252.  The Digital Mugshot Edition (To Defy The Laws Of Tradition --- Primus)

#2253.  Trump Tower (Sunflower --- Neil Diamond)

#2254.  Kid Rock Will Dine (I Walk The Line --- Johnny Cash)

#2255.  Playin' The Browns (Send In The Clowns --- Barbara Streisand)

#2256.  Foxmania (Albania --- Nicholas Colasanto / Cheers Episode)

#2257.  Guy Reschenthaler (Dollar For Dollar --- They Might Be Giants)


Please do not share this material with Guy Reschenthaler (R-PA) and/or former President Donald J. Trump.


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