Saturday, December 02, 2023

#2230. Gilberry

Former Cincinnati Bengals Defensive End and Crimson Tide standout, Wallace Gilberry, has announced his Republican candidacy for the U.S. House!  To represent Alabama’s newly-drawn 2nd Congressional District.  Wallace might be in the House!


Dark black Gilberry is pledging to support a "bright white Orange Prolapse agenda."

Who Dey?

Oy vey.



He’s forty-five
An Orange Prolapse disguise
You’ll meat your fate when Trump’s salad is tossed
The anal taint
The Big Macs are cooking
No shit the big lie
Was the ultimate con

Stormy will be best
Motorboatin’ her chest
Donald’s wife’s a hole of glory
Jared is a Jew
And Ivanka is too
Their sins a kosher butcher display

Gilberry basket case
Gonna fight critical race
Fight until the final death
Clown… hail Trump Tower’s bad breath

Pounds he denies
McDonald his smile
Insurrection was unfair and/or wild
Cops all in pain
Many that were crying
Tears on their face
It was a treasonous con

Gilberry basket case
An orange clown, the ultimate disgrace
Fight until the final death
Clown… hail Trump Tower’s bad breath


Hail Mary

I am alive
I feel dirt in my eyes
There's no escape when redemption is lost
I'm not a saint
There's no use to looking
No sins to deny
Just my will to go on

Armas of darkness
Embrace me in madness
In my life it's mandatory
Hard to resist you
I still can't forgive you
For sins that I cannot wash away

Hail Mary full of grace
Throw some light upon this race
Intertwining final breath
Now... in the hour of death

Bound by the lies
Of constant denial
Pay for my sins that I bear for a child
I'm not a saint
There's no use denying
Falling from grace
Is my reason to go on

Hail Mary full of grace
Put me down, and kick me in my face
Intertwining final breath
Now... in the hour of death


From 1988 to the present, Testament has testified in the Burgh an impressive 17 times.


7-15-88, City Limits, Penn Hills, PA

11-1-89, Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH

11-17-11, Stage AE, Pittsburgh, PA

11-25-13, Stage AE, Pittsburgh, PA

5-9-22, Stage AE, Pittsburgh, PA


Dedicated to Wallace Gilberry:  

Congratulations!  Here's a limited edition Gold Lot 2 dump right outside Acrid Turd Stadium.  Curious to see how it holds up tomorrow.  Especially with the traffic.  Not to mention the potential for unseasonably warm and windy rain.

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Please do not share this material with Wallace Gilberry and/or former President Donald J. Trump.


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